Is isk funnelling against EULA/Toss?

Maybe this should be directed through an official Eve Support Ticket since it’s about EULA/ToS, but I figured someone may know the answer already.

I’m wondering basically if I can make isk with all 3 characters on my acct then transfer it all to my main?

For example: PI … Can I can have my main and 2 alts each having 6 planetary interactions, and then just contract everything (either items, or isk after selling) to my main character? This seems like breaking the rules by giving my main 18 planets instead of 6, but I can’t find anywhere that says you can’t funnel isk (although, I can’t find anywhere that mentions much about your 2 alts at all, so maybe I’m just looking in the wrong place).



That’s not against the EULA.


If that was against the EULA, virtually all of EVE would be banned :slight_smile:


^^ what he said.

If you’re unsure then you can send your ISKs to me and I will act as a broker.


Yes, you can use your account’s characters to do what ever you want so long as it’s within normal gameplay. So, yes, you can do Planetary Production (used to be PI, now PP?) on all your characters (3 if you have all characters slots used) and transfer ISK and/or items between them as you see fit. Even use multiple accounts if you happens to have that, I know a lot of people have multiple accounts, of course having more accounts, and there by also more characters, will require more time to manage everything.

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Yeah … you really should pass on that the new name really isn’t helping…

What are you doing?
Setting up a cloaky for my Sin.

What are you doing?
Playing with peepee.
Uh …


It’s far more fun to say that you collect people’s PP and use it to make stuff, which you then sell to other people.

Who said Eve and RL had to be different things?!

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To be legal you should pass all of your ISK through my character here. I’ll launder it through various, under the table rackets like Somer Blink, Eve Hold 'Em, and Goonswarm…

It’ll come out cleaner than one of Alex’s gerbils.


I would have reccomended you but I can’t endorse anybody who launders money through goonswarm.

All I wanted was some ganja.

You can practice corp theft with your alts and funnel the loot to your main, that’s legit.

Just be sure that it is not your long-lost brother who moved to Russia/China that is giving you a surprising amount of ISK for your birthday and all will be good.

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