Anybody found site named Novice complex in faction war?

It’s showed in air career program, but I have toured almost 50% of systems in faction war area, I found novice compound, facility, outpost except this…
Does CCP make it hard to find intentionally ? ->_->

Are you looking in your probe scanner window? They show as beacons in overview only after someone warps to a site for first time.

Anything that starts with “Novice” is a novice complex, so that Novice Compound you saw would work.

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I thought it was, but I tried novice compound and outpost, it didnt work

Are you in Faction Warfare? I didn’t do that part of the AIR Program, but I’m pretty sure it requires you to be in Faction Warfare. If you are, and it still isn’t working, I’d open up a ticket and see what they have to say…as there is nothing that it’s actually just called “Novice Complex” in the game.

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If you watch the faction warfare tutorial by disowned hero then you will be pretty much covered for faction warfare. Including exact d-scan instructions for novice complexes. He doesn’t see any combat but he shows you (IN DETAIL) how to do everything. There’s a $hitton of guides out there but his has the most detail.

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