Questions about Factional Warfare

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I come across this post to want to know more and understand about the mechanics of Factional Warfare.
because I’m new to the game and there are some things I still need to understand and I’m counting on the help of old players.

first question: mining ship in novice outpost?
as a venture can get into a novice outpost just to be able to stay holding and increasing the outpost’s time. when we get a combat ship and try to enter some site or outpost or mining event we can not, because the activation gate itself prohibits our passage.
in my view this is wrong because the outpost npc recognizes the venture as a combat ship.
still has a player who use ventures without fit and without any equipment to be able to stay baited in the outpost waiting someone came to call someone else (this I agree)
plus what I think is wrong and the venture player can even earn loyalt points by just standing in the outpost without doing anything.

second question: Faction Frigates in novice outpost.?
as a faction frigate can enter a novice if the T2 frigates can not enter?
being that depending on the fit and level of the player many frigates T2 has the same dps as a frigate of Faction.
I think this is unfair because a frigate of faction is very strong against a frigate T1. even more for those starting in the game.

this is my doubts regarding novice outpost. Thank you for helping me to understand the game better.

sorry if this is not the right place to post this because I’m new to the game.

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I agree with you, I think the CCP should review this situation in the game and prevent this kind of gameplay. It can be said that this is an unfair way of playing. Please CCP arrange this. This is not really fair.

1: You clearly have not heard of the battle Venture…
And why should you care about whether its a venture or a merlin in the plex? They’re still risking the same amount of ISK by being in there, this is why noob frigates cant get in, cause they’re free and you’re not risking anything.

2: Faction frigates in a novice site is a big plus, if they were restricted to smalls, they would get stomped by Assault Frigs 80% of the time. The correlation is also that the Faction Frigates require the same low level of skills as the T1 frigates do as well (Although you may need an extra low level skill as they usually need 2 racial ship skills.

I feel like there are other areas of FW that actually need to be fixed, like Citadels being owned by the opposite team in your own back yard, or how no one joins the losing side of a war because the low tier rewards are so garbage leading to a huge lopsided war that never happens.

Venture is the cheapiest frigate available. If all the player wants is to sit in defensive plex and have +2 warp core stab, its a perfect ship for this. Grab your maulus navy issue and hunt the farmer :wink:

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The Novice plex used to be called a Minor. I understand that the name can come off as misleading, but for all intents and purposes, the novice outpost has nothing to do with beginners, but the size of a ship and you can definitely kill any navy ship with a t1 ship.

T2 hulls are another matter entirely and I am in complete agreement with them being banned from the novice outpost.

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thanks guys for help

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