Faction Warfare - how do I start the timer?

I wanted to check FW, I’ve never done it before, but I saw a video explaining how you can get started with passive FW and then of course move on to active.

I applied to join the militia yesterday, today after the reset it said that my corp has joined it, I warp to a site and… what then? In the video there was a timer on the complex, but I only see “Contested”. Always. I’m definitely within 30 km of it, but just to be sure I tried getting very close to the point where a bumped it - still nothing.

I have both the outpost and the beacon near it in my overview, I do see the bar below it where the timer should be, but it’s simply not there, it’s stuck on “contested”. Help!

What ship are you in?

Is it a venture? If it is, then it won’t work.

I tried it in a Rifter, then a Slasher.

Also, I tried to go to several different complexes - novice, small, medium and i went to two different systems. Same thing - it’s always “Contested” and yet there’s no one else there aside from the NPC which is from my faction so I’m not supposed to attack him, right (when doing the passive side of FW)?

UPDATE! Today it works so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Looks like it takes two daily resets for it to work. Weird.

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