Faction Warfare Outposts - Everlasting "Contested" - [Solved]

Hello. My first thread / post, but i felt i had to share this, for either is this a bug / problem that needs to be fixed.

I tried a Small Minmatar Outpost with my Destroyer. I killed a few Minmatar Destroyers until i realised that the timer did not tick down and was constantly on “Contested”. I even restarted the game and did the same site and same problem. Running my Confessor and trying to take a medium Minmatar outpost site and still the same “Contested”. It’s frustrating.

Chat log to Militia about the problem.

[23:39:55] Ionia Silvoris > I can confirm that Outpost sites are bugged (complexes). “Contested” is everlasting and does not change. i have been waiting over 30 min to see if a medium outpost will complete or not. And it looks like the outposts is bugged.

While i try to capture the Medium Outpost and kill all the AI thats spawns inside the complex i get “Contested” by simply warping in and killing Ai ships inside the 30 KM radius, I was in 19 - 20 KM away from it. The weireds part that other people do not get affected by this.

[23:43:02] superweasel > that’s odd I’ve captured several in the last hour, what system are you in?

After that i restarted the game and launcher and tried again. And with same Results.

I want to know what exacely is happening for this is very odd that this should happen.

Is it possible you were in a plex that had already been completed by another player?

It is working again. Looks like the game needed a “reboot” and it happend.

It was a bug only for that 1 day the server lasted.

But to answer on your question.

No, the sites where not completed. usually they will be removed on “Probescanner” and “Overview” list if it were completed. I joined it and nothing will spawn, then i will have understanded it was completed. In this case, it was not completed and not started and it never continued or completed.

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