Contested Percentage for System in Faction Warfare

There is a system that shows as 1.3% contested under the empire I’m fighting for. I went to every outpost and all of them showed as “contested” with any empty progress bar. Wouldn’t (I’m assuming) at least one of the outposts have a timer I can finish to get the last 1.3% done?

Kill the NPC defending. If you are offensive plexing. If its defensive plex then you might not be recognized properly as part of militia and need to wait for DT. Got that bug few times when your bio says you are in corp, can chat in militia chat but can’t interact with plexes and other FW mechanics. DT fixes that.

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If you warp to a plex and the timer displays “contested” it means you are in an enemy controlled system, you are supposed to kill the npc. Once you kill the npc the contested status will be replaced by a timer until another npc spawns. Bringing the timer all the way up will capture the plex and raise the contestency of the system by 0.7% (rounded up)

On the other hand if you warp to a plex in a system controled by your faction, you dont have to kill the npc because he is on your side and you are helping him secure control of the plex. Capturing a plex in a friendly controled system will lower the system contestency by 0.7%

Its confusing because both friendly and enemy npc’s sre red, still…

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It was this glitch. Worked fine after the next DT.

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This must why my Activity tracker never moves in that category.

Like you know some pilots like to just unlock stuff or progress along a path of achievement to help make the game feel complete.

When I am not trying to roleplay in game or on the forums I do also enjoy the lowsec pvp.

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