Documentation Suggestion - Faction War

Suggestion for replacement for the existing version of the documentation (in English) - I have tried hard to prevent any ambiguous antecedents - feel free to add additional suggested changes:

In every system your faction is attempting to take from the opposition, you will have an infrastructure hub and faction war sites. The opposing faction will also have faction war sites and may also have an infrastructure hub. Initially, the faction war system will be at 0% contested - also called uncontested. Capture enemy faction war sites to gain ‘faction loyalty points’ and increase the degree (measured as a percentage) to which your faction has ‘contested’ the site. These loyalty points can be used to augment your infrastructure hub to hasten the process and the percentage has other effects on the system listed under the faction war icon menu. At 100%, your faction may directly attack any enemy infrastructure hubs in the system as the system will be in a vulnerable state. If they have none, or if all enemy infrastructure hubs have been destroyed, the system changes to the new sovereign control and exits faction war.

If you are defending against an occupation in a system, you are facing an opposition infrastructure hub and their enemy faction war sites which can be captured which will lower their occupation percentage. You may also have an infrastructure hub of your own - a target of the occupation. Once the occupation reaches zero, additional faction sites captured via your faction renders the enemy infrastructure hub vulnerable. Destroy the hub and the system exits faction war with your faction in control of the system.

In both cases, there are tiers of faction war sites with increasingly severe restrictions on the types of ships that can enter the faction war site. Both sides are encouraged to attack each other both to defend their own faction war sites and to prevent other capsuleers from defending the opposing faction war sites.

I’ve included a screenshot of the existing explanation for reference

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