How is a faction warfare system contested percentage calculated?

For some reason, my math is not working out.
So a system can have a total of 3000 victory points according to esi.
Contested percentage of a system is x amount of victory points.
So x / 3000 = percentage… I would think.
Each time you run a plex, the percentage goes up by .7% Also the system points go up by 20.
So 3000 / 20 = 150 sites to make them 100%
100% / .7% = 142.8 sites to come to 100%
Im not sure what I am missing, or if my math is wrong.
Does anyone have any help on this subject?

Does the size of the Plex run change the %? I would think a large gains more ground than a small. Or is the payout to the pilot the only difference

Always .7% whether it is a novice or a large.

Looking at :

Once a system is vulnerable, the attacking faction can continue capturing complexes until they have a "buffer" of 100 victory points[6]; this is to give themselves some breathing room while they attack the i-Hub.

Perhaps those 100 vp (5 sites) are the missing link?

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