What is a victory point in FW

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So can anyone explain me in detail what a victory point in Faction Warfare is? Does it have any significance in the game? What do they measure?

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By Eve Uni’s definition. They are usually short and to the point.

'Victory points

Formally, how “contested” a system is is measured in how many victory points have been accumulated by the attacking faction for that system. If the attacking faction has not yet accumulated any victory points for that system, then the system is “stable”, and if they then capture a complex (regardless of its size) they are rewarded with 20 victory points[5] (conversely, if the defending faction captures a complex, 20 victory points are subtracted). In order to bring a system to “vulnerable”, the attacking faction must accumulate 3000 victory points (i.e. capture 150 complexes more than the defending faction). Once a system is vulnerable, the attacking faction can continue capturing complexes until they have a “buffer” of 100 victory points[6]; this is to give themselves some breathing room while they attack the i-Hub. '

Of the three statistics shown in the FW window (VP, kills and Systems Controlled), Systems Controlled is the only factor considered for tier level.
Amarr-Minmatar warzone includes 70 systems
Gallente-Caldari warzone include 101 systems

'Hence, the number of points a faction has determines its tier[7]:

0-20% of the total number of available points: Tier 1
21-40% of the total number of available points: Tier 2
41-60% of the total number of available points: Tier 3
61-80% of the total number of available points: Tier 4
81-100% of the total number of available points: Tier 5'

The tier is valued by the amount of points total divided by the sum of possible points. Each system controlled is worth a single point and every upgrade is also a point, each system having a potential point value of 6 fully upgraded. It’s been like this for a while now. I sure wish kills per day and kills for the week played a part in the total point value of tier as well. One can only dream.

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