Faction War - System Plexing Victory Points per character API proposal


I wish to propose the need for an API so that we can see the Victory Points being scored by members for Taking and Defending plexes in Faction Warfare systems.

The available /characters/{character_id}/fw/stats/ API requires user consent and does not show the systems, but rather a victory points for yesterday and last week, regardless of where/how these were gained.

For corporations and alliances to be able to see which members have been closing plexes, we need a publicly available API in a similar structure as follows on a 24 hour cache maybe or to System State = captured/Downtime:

        "id": "30002537",
        "name": "Amamake",
        "occupier_faction_id": "500003",
                {"id": "151515810", "name": "DeT Resprox", "victory_points": "100"},
                {"id": "443158133", "name": "Pol Macsliebh", "victory_points": "150"},
                {"id": "2115667539", "name": "Forty Winks", "victory_points": "200"}

        "id": "30002542",
        "name": "Auga",
        "occupier_faction_id": "500003",
                {"id": "151515810", "name": "DeT Resprox", "victory_points": "120"},
                {"id": "443158133", "name": "Pol Macsliebh", "victory_points": "130"},
                {"id": "2115667539", "name": "Forty Winks", "victory_points": "250"}
        etc etc

This way we can easily see the victory points and can work out who had control of the system at the time to be able to determine if the points were gained by offensive or defensive plexing.

Many thanks