FW Alliance Leaderboards for Victory Points and/or Loyalty Point Awards

I am trying to find a way to build an Alliance Leaderboard for Victory Points or Loyalty points in Faction Warfare as a way to incentivize activities that help flip systems.

“You always get what you measure,” and right now we can only really measure kills. Is there a way for the API to return a leaderboard that is broken down by alliance, or if nothing else, by Militia?

I think one already exists… but I’m not sure in what capacity. I saw a youtuber showcase one… but it might have just been an internal corp self reported thing.

There is an endpoint in the Eve API that returns a leaderboard for all of FW, but it doesn’t have a way that I’ve found to trim that by militia faction or player alliance/corp.

I’d recommend talking to @Ashterothi … as he can probably put you in touch with the developer behind the tool they use.

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Right now it is for AIDER only, but we are talking to others about making one available publicly.

The issue is that we have to read the notification feed of the individuals involved, which is quite a bit of trust for some people.

I wonder if its worth trying to get a new api call from CCP.

Reading the notification feed for those numbers was brilliant… and crazy… at the same time. Kudos to the folks that came up with it.

You can get things like victory points from the standard API endpoint but for things like number of plexs or amount of LP you have to dig through the notifications.

You can get total VP for whole corps but designing a corp leaderboard is more complicated.

Current endpoints are: for a single character (which requires authentication for each character for whom you want to collect data) and for a corporation (i.e., the TOTAL number of VP collected by a corporation, not on a per-character basis).

CCP has provided a leaderboard, BUT the data are for ALL of FW, not for a specific militia or corp. It would be nice if we could at least get a breakdown per militia.


Looks like CCP is on it boys and girls.

only the top three is kinda sad IMO. We need a much much larger list IMO. TBH it just drives people to cheese the system to take the top three.

Additionally, all this covers is VP and kills, both of which are already available via Zkill and FW Stats.

This is at least a start. Would be very nice if this eventually became available by corp or alliance.

The advantage to this approach is that people don’t have to write custom gizmos that require user auth to see it.

Also, I don’t agree with the stated reason for the leaderboard:

The leaderboards will be split up by kills and Victory Points, to give players who aren’t as interested in direct PvP the opportunity to have their contributions recognized as well.

That’s not why we need the numbers. We need the numbers because it is victory points and not kills that advances the war in FW.

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