Is any one side winning the faction wars overall?

are the zones to be controlled so numerous that faction warfare could go on for long before CCP resets it somehow, or is one side winning and controlling more zones over time? Just curious how this mechanic works.

So… here are the basics:

  • Faction Warfare is akin to a global war declaration with anyone who joins the 2 opposing enemy factions
    – This war declaration applies anywhere and everywhere… even in high-sec (1.0 to 0.5 space)
    – In high-sec, people who are not part of the the militia are “protected” by the normal aggression mechanics (see: CONCORD) regardless of who they are or where they are (see: You can only shoot hostile militia without penalties)
  • Most of the fighting is done in low-sec. This is because in high-sec the NPC “Navy” will try fending off any hostile interlopers (“try” being the operative word; it is possible to fly through hostile high-sec in a fast enough ship or brawl the NPCs and players in high-sec with enough tank and support)

Regarding system control:

  • There are only a limited number of low-sec systems that are subject to the Faction War system control.
    – See: There are parts of low-sec and routes where FW mechanics do not apply
  • There are enough systems spread out over such a distance that it is difficult, at best, for one side to hold on to a majority of them
    – Typically people will start running complexes around the edges of the greater warzone, away from where the “front lines” and any quick response is
  • The DEVs/GMs have never reset warzone control. It is up to the players to take systems
    – Every side has dominated at some point in the past… give it a few months

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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what happens when one side completely dominates? Is there no capture points for a while for the winning team then?

This belongs in general, not new citizens Q&A

There are still capture points, but they are purely of the “defensive” kind.

Dominating the warzone also carries another sort of penalty; FW missions spawning far, far away as (if memory serves me right) they want to be as close to or within “hostile” systems.


Since offensive plexing is more worthwhile than defensive plexing, at this point some people will switch sides (especially the bots…)

Shame on them!

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