Anyone else getting eyestrain from that new Launcher background?

The red stripey Christmas looking thing?

It’s really quite obnoxious, especially on a larger monitor.

Not sure if I can really submit this as a “bug” though.

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It’s a launcher, you’re only looking at it for a few seconds, how could you even get eyestrain that quickly? If you really do get eyestrain, it’s probably a neurological/optical issue such as pattern glare to be honest.

Yes I also have eye cancer with the design and colors of the gift box!

I mean, I’m a very bad designer myself, but that beats everything.

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It’s not just the launcher though, it’s the background of the main app as well as on the site too. Which are much more noticeable than just the launcher too.

Thanks, but an appointment with my GP really isn’t needed here, just needs a toning down of the colour saturation tbh.

you can change the colour saturation of your monitor in your intel control panel/nvidia control panel. I you can do it in the windows monitor calibration tool too. Check this colour gradient test out too, most monitors are pretty terrible when it comes to high/low saturation contrast, so it might just be your monitor showing colours brighter than they should be.

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