Anyone else think the recent pilot survey results did not refelect the answers you gave?

I was quite disappointed by the results returned from the latest pilot survey CCP commissioned.

I gave honest answers, as requested, and made sure they were relevant to me as of this moment in time and not a projected future version of myself as also requested by the survey.

I enjoy doing these kinds of surveys for the most part, and invariably, the results returned are a reasonable enough reflection of the answers I give…but when I got the results from this one I was like WTF, this in no way exemplifies any degree of accuracy on the answers I gave.

I’m over it in terms of F’s to give, but I thought if others had similar experiences then CCP should be aware of this as if it could very well skew their understanding of their player base.

Was it just me?

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The results beyond the motivators are meaningless, because they are meant for a COVID wellness check in survey. CCP and 12traits did not remove that junk from their survey response message, even though insufficient questions were asked around wellbeing to measure those factors.

The only question that mattered was how much discretionary cash you spend on micro transactions per month.


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