Anyone experienced an account being hacked?

(Monseigneur Nex Mortum) #1

Hi folks,
I had my Omega account hacked a couple of weeks ago with all my stuff taken. I’v changed the password and reported it to CCP but nothing substantive back from CCP yet.

Can anyone here who’s had a similar experience advise if their assets were recovered or does CCP put it in the “too bad” bucket?
Regards, Kevin

(Do Little) #2

I haven’t had a problem, but all my accounts (including my email account) are secured with 2 Factor Authentication

My understanding is that Team Security will attempt recovery but, in a game with a player driven economy, it isn’t as simple as creating new stuff for you. - it will take time to trace and reverse the transactions.

Do secure your accounts - passwords aren’t sufficient. This is particularly true of your email account - which is the vector for most hacks.

(Solonius Rex) #3

Never been hacked as I keep my due diligence.

My guess would be, depends on the amount and where it ended up.