Two factor authentication

I’m trying to remove two factor authetication from my main accounts. Phone was wiped during a screen repair so no longer have access to the authenticator.
I’ve placed a support ticket to this affect and I’m a little concerned as Its been 57 hours since I submitted my support ticket and I’ve had nothing back. Is there an easy work around the 2 factor authetication that I’m missing? Are my support tickets being treated like spam? And thus ignored.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I’m getting the urge to go outside!

Have a simliar problem on my jedi2015 account. Had also two factor authentication setup on my jedi2015 account, and was using the windows 10 mobile verificator app, to give me verification codes. The verificator app removed my eve-online account data, during the 6 december 2018 launcher login issues,for one reason or another and thus Im unable to get new verification codes. (I think a reason might be that the verificator app was replaced in the microsoft store by the microsoft authenticator app.) Anyway , logged support tickets , 42 hours ago, yy and xx , but until now , no sign of any support guy to have picked up the cases. But through activating my very old jedi2005 account, which had two factor authentication status disabled, to alpha status, I can at least now check out the support tickets instead of having to rely on email updates. Seems to be the disadvantage of two factor authentication, if you enable it and loose access to the ability to generate verification codes, you effectively freeze yourself out of the game and everything requiring a login., like the account management pages as they all rely on verification codes once setup. And you need then to involvee support to give you back access to the game, a disadvantage that you dont have with a regular userid/passwd.

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