Anyone know if the Triglavian systems are permanent?

I’m trying to decide whether to set up manufacturing in a system that is presently on the other side of a Triglavian invasion, and has no other hi-sec routes to it.

It’s a tough choice. Gamble that the system will eventually go back to normal? Or just set up somewhere else?

But my second choice is somewhat less promising.

There is a general belief that they will be permanent. CCP hasn’t told us, though.

CCP has strongly suggested the final invasion states (Final Lim and Fortress) are ‘permanent’ in the context of Chapter 3, but have been very vague about post-event impacts. The Trig final lim systems are ‘effective nullsec’ for CONCORD purposes but all other low/null benefits remain blocked, with no hints on when or how they will further change due to Trig controls.

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Hmmm… So it really is a gamble.

I think I’ll treat them like “factional warfare” systems in low sec, then. (Except they are much more active!)

Thanks for responding!!! It’s easier to make a decision when you have information.

It’s not a good idea to set up manufacturing in any High-Sec system, considering the material and time advantages of rigged structures elsewhere.

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