Anyone need any dedicated salvagers for your ratting needs?

Hi all, I’m an alpha player looking to run around salvaging your wrecks, if you need anyone to salvage your wrecks, to get some dank loot for your rigs just let me know! DM me in game and I can see if I can set up a time to run for you!

i would love to hire you… but unfortunately i live in a space you cant come without joining us xD

I wouldn’t be opposed to heading out to wherever you live to salvage for you :slight_smile:

You can also follow the incursion community around, salvaging all their wrecks and scooping any drones they leave behind.

How do i join that particular community?

Agency → Encounters → Incursions. Current HS incursion is in the constellation of Naloran (Kador region, Amarr space).

Incursion wrecks don’t have generic mission loot, but incursioners generate more than enough wrecks to keep you busy, and all those people mean a lot of drones get left behind (mostly communities require faction or better, so no T1 trash).

Do be aware that incursion sites are dangerous, however. So, be careful. Salvaging cleared sites is best, but some guys will work sites as they’re being run. You can find sites by setting your overview to show beacons, bookmarking them, and then returning to them after they have been cleared, or by using combat probes.

Also, Incursions are a group PvE activity, and definitely something you should look into if that sounds interesting to you. You’ll need to be able to fly a battleship, but can make 125+ mil an hour.

Ill have to take a look at that! thanks for letting me know about it

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