Anyone run the client remotely?

I have a desktop that runs the Linux client at 60fps. Sometimes I use a laptop on the same network to remote into my PC so I can be in another room. I’m want to run EVE remotely, but I’m having trouble.

I tried X11 forwarding via openssh client -> openssh server. While I’m able to run other applications, the launcher does not load at all - it just shows the window outline with my client’s background and hangs until I close it.

I also tried a cleartextt ssvnc -> TigerVNC connection. While it runs EVE, I’m getting about two frames per second.

Has anyone pulled this off before?

Edit: forgot to mention that I’m using the Linux Launcher and not a manual install of the Windows client and wine.

try a manual install ? I guess your wine version is pretty old.
for ubuntu :

While it’s technically possible to render 3D graphics remotely is this not supported by default by most remote desktop solutions. It requires specialised solutions and it will most often not render very efficiently either. See here for a basic description.

The exception to this is possibly Nvidia’s GRID “cloud gaming”, but I’ve never used it nor do I know if it’s available for Linux at all.

Yeah, you can do this with either TeamViewer or Steam’s “In Home Streaming”. I think Steam is the better choice. EvE is working really well with Proton and their in home streaming is meant to do exactly what you’re looking for.

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