API for creating, accepting contracts and sending ISK

Hey o7,

I’m in the process of creating Futures Market for commodities in EVE Online, but it sucks. As far as we all know we don’t have API endpoints to programatically create contracts and send ISK from wallets. That would be a must for me, unless I want to create a big corporation, which I don’t have that many friends.

So, if you would like to please my appetite for being a manager of some kind secondary market of EVE vote up this feature. This might help in many other logistics and trading opportunities, but I’m talking here 'bout myself and my goal.

Feel free to join. Discussion.


So, instead of putting something on the market, and having ISK sitting in limbo in the market, you want to create a contract that just sends ISK and nothing else? Or am I misunderstanding what you are asking for?

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I want to create Futures Market - contract with expiry date at wich buyer have to pay a full price of contract in exchange for underlying commodity for the price he bought it e.g. two months before…

Yea, i don’t think futures contracts would work really well in EVE.

Do you think banking & finance industry has nothing to do with economy of this vast world of trade, gamble and scams?

And what is that suppose to mean? You’re summoning your pikachu to finally let him evelvo into Raichu?

Office work is NOT fun.

I make an alt, give money to the alt from my main, buy this contract of yours, then transfer the item to my main and delete the alt.

Now what?

Contracts expire on 3rd Friday of month. There is time to settle the contract, about one week to deliver the item/money. This, your scam, is on my server. If your character does not exist on expiration date, there is no actual contract. This is my risk. Not yours. You are not the opposite side of contract like it is on stock market - exchange is. It provides anonymity to participants and let characters “lock” the price into the future. If you don’t pay, I would have to delete your contract, but it does not exist until it is settled - 7 days after expiration, so I have enough time to deal with that risk. I could buy from Jita Trade Hub missing items, or sell excess item and offset my risk.

If in EVE Online exist something like laws of conduct, or merely corporate law - we could start argue on things like, who should be the judge. Right now we’re in Wild Wild West.

Actually I could ask not only for API but for law enforcement… You would get the right to seize the property by means of force, and I would get the protection from client (your alt) default.

But still, why are you afraid of me scamming you? It’s not my problem that you deleted the character that holds the contract… If you die, your Family iherits your posessions, if in EVE you could transfer goods after death of character, that would be the first step into Family law. Your case? Just a transfer of contracts in database from one character to the other.

Fine, enough. What are you afraid of? That you can make ppl work in your office at the desk to process the contracts, or that I take your money that you could spend with your friends on tackling and blowing up another ship?

No, thank you. All gameplay needs to be by a player, not a bot.


mkikaden is right, we need less automation on anything in game, and more player reactions.

how can you make a contract with an API that is delayed 1H ?
If you try to make the contract and the creation fails, because since last time you got the assets it changed (remember average time is 30 minute), you get an error for no visible reason. And since usually the contract has several items, you can’t even have a missing data type of error (which one(s) ?)

but I agree that creating contracts from clipboard would be nice. The issue is that contracts take items, not types, while parsing creates types references, not items references.

So you all would rather see how my accountant run with money and my corporations goods than understand that API is part of the game…

it’s literally not.

Here you can see many apps builded around API and I think you used at lest one… https://github.com/devfleet/awesome-eve

So you’re here to teach me what I do, right?

I’m here to teach you that the API is literally not part of the game.

If it happens to teach you that you are wrong, then be it.

then what it is? EVE oniine API interface someone mistakenly put on the Internet right?