API for creating, accepting contracts and sending ISK

Please learn to read.

learn to code…

That you should also do.

Also learn to STFU when you have no idea what you are talking about.

You made a retarded claim that the API is part of the game. I tell you that it’s not implied by its definition, therefore either you provide an explanation of why this API is actually part of the game, or you STFU.
Of course I also have details of why SDE/ESI is actually not part of the game, but since you are the one making stupid claim, no need to explain it.

You literally put limit on innovation

Your claim are idiotesque. API is basically everywhere, starting from this forum, all the way to lign clien into the game. Not only this one but every other. I wouldn’t know how you could be that annoying to tell me that API isn’t part of the game, as it is written on the computer where every part of it is an interface.

API is used to build the game, the software. API is used on the bare bone server. API has to be more open into the game, so I, and many other develpers could create and innovate over what has been already done.

If you argue with that you should get back to Platonic cave and paint walls using your own ■■■■.


Read the article I linked. Having an interface does not imply having an API. an API is an interface, but an interface may not be an API.

FFS learn to read.



I argue that you should STFU when you have no idea what the terms you are using actually mean.

Funny, you probably know how computer is build, but still you argue that it is less intelligent than you. It has two inputs 0 or 1 and since it’s build like our brain answering to synapses using electricity’s state of flowing you claim that a swarm of servers could not bear with your mind.

Simply said - without API computers will be nothing. Useless. And you my dear are useless in this discussion, please find yourself another bridge to stand on.

This topic is about giving a player ability to place a contract or use wallet using POST calls to API, not what API is or it is not. Merely talking about if API is part of or is not of the software itself. Funny how people are heplful on the Internet when it comes to actually talking something they do not know about, but how they are flexing they muscles when it comes to giving help someone else when he want to devolop his idea. It’s easier to kick someone than help stand up from the ground. Well played.

Stupidity. Please learn what is a computer before you start talking about it. Also state what is your definition of “more intelligent” before using that term.

A computer is NOT intelligent, it only executes the series of instruction it is told to, without any idea of why, what those instruction mean, and any form of self conscience from your computer should lead to being crushed and then shot two bolts in the head.

Again, stupidity. You can make a computer without an API.

Anyhow that’s still completely out of topic and a big mashup of complete nonsense.
No, the API for ESI is not part of the game. The ESI is not part of it either. your post that claims the opposite is wrong, and the following amount of stupidity you showed proved you actually have no idea what you are talking about - you don’t know what an API is, what a computer is, how it works, and why comparing it to synapses is a complete nonsense.

I think that anyone who handles SRP for an alliance would probably be willing to sacrifice many small woodland animals for this feature. I still think that the futures market isn’t likely to work out though since it’s probably not going to be able to force people to accept contracts, and if it could I 100% wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.

edit: I’d require/allow turning on 2FA for this. If you want to send out one or more transactions, you have to enter a code from an app/email.

IIRC you can show a specific contract in the ESI

here : https://esi.evetech.net/ui/#/User%20Interface/post_ui_openwindow_contract.

So you want to build a computer that has no input interface? So what it could do? Sewing? Even that computer need an API to know what it should sew. Plain misunderstanding of concept that is brought to descredit the other party not knowing that it actually is proving that you’re incompetent in the subject of that matter.

Less intelligent than computer? Computer does not ask why it has to answer questions, why it has to do what it is told to. It does it at all cost. And the only problem of computer is that some people can’t use it properly, so then errors occur. Go build another Noah’s ark and get out from here before the tides come.

I would rather see players have to be logged in to take actions with their characters. The very limited features in the EVE Portal app are ‘meh’ enough, but are almost entirely non-impacting - because the PLEX market, skill training, and EVE Mail don’t really do much to the game for anyone else. Interaction with the rest of the market, contracts, or asset movement, however, is a different matter.

input interface != API.

Learn to read. A computer by definition does NOT have an API.

Nice strawman BTW.

That stupidity was all yours :

I don’t argue that computers are less intelligent. They are not intelligent, and that’s a fact. There is no arguing that it is less intelligent than you, because it is fact.

You just are putting stupidity after stupidity. Your whole posts make no sense at all, expect saying that they don’t.

Do not discuss with idiot. He will lower you to his level and beat with experience.

The idiot is the one claiming that an input interface is the same thing as an application programing interface.

Interface is mean of communication, eiterh output, input or duplex.

completely unrelated.

The idiot is the one who adds unrelated nonsense after he is forced to smell his own dump.

Also the one that makes claims out of nowhere, like “you want to build a computer”, is an idiot.

Contract creation using API would help in logistics of many player run corporations, individual traders and would enable whole new gaming experience creating liquidity in contract tab, where anyone could then use it to programatically search, accept and issue contracts.

Developers could create external apps that would help players to find what they want, let it be Astero blueprint copies or fully build ships ready to fly right from Jita Trade Hub or any other location.

You don’t even know what this actually means.

Already the case. Not issue, but both the others.

Already present in the existing ESI.
It’s true that you can’t tell if items are fitted or not. But that’s not really relevant, you can fit them yourself if you want. The only real issue is that you can’t tell if the ammos are used.

@Anderson_Geten I want to teach you, after you wanted to teach me API, that computer without input is not actually doing anything, therefore it is not a computer.

First sentence from Wikipedia about computer. In english, I hope YOU can read…