Apolitical - No requirement PvP - NPSI [GOVT]

Hello Capsuleer!

Are you:

  • Not joining a corp due to ‘commitment issues’
  • PvP ready but not sure where to start
  • Suffering from structure grinding blue-balls
  • Logging in just to ship-spin
  • Exhausted from TiDi fights

Please consult your doctor, as you may be suffering from Evepoliticalitis, a severe but curable disease commonly contracted from the Big Blue Donut.

If you, or your loved ones have come in contact with the Big Blue Donut you may be at risk of losing your soul and/or sanity. Everyone has goals, but when your goals are sidelined by empire-building at your cost but, to the benefit of a tiny group of elitist assholes… it’s time for a change.

Talk to your doctor about becoming Apolitical. Some pilots may experience a change in behavior, hostility, agitation, and mood. Side effects may include Inspiration, Purpose, Wisdom, Adrenaline, Dopamine, and Friendship. Board Certified consultation available at the in-game channel “Apolitical”. Don’t give up. Seek help.

Please use as instructed.

a·po·lit·i·cal (apo’-li’ti-kel)
1. Having no interest in or association with politics.
2. Having no political relevance or importance.

The place to be for no obligation PvP and PvE!

We live in a C3 Wormhole with a Highsec static, giving you constant access to various activities. Wormhole-chains gives you backdoor networks to any content in the game.

The Ancients gives you the freedom to fly with or against anyone you like.
A true reflection of Not Purple Shoot It [NPSI].

  • No wardecs! Wardec immune
  • 23h PvP fleet coverage
  • All types of PvP fleets
  • Largest Public community in EvE Online

Join “Apolitical” channel for more info.
Our Discord: https://discord.gg/jEHMVKD



To the top.

Welcome, to all of our new Malcontent Members!
Feel free to join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/jEHMVKD

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