Apple Notarization?

Hi, I was wondering if CCP plans to pay Apple to get the game Notarized by apple. If not, and as far as I know, the Game will no longer be Apple to run on Mac OS as of version 10.15. (yes it sucks, and I hate apple for it).

Still installing the game at the moment does not open the Mac Os alert about the unregistered or unknown developer. So it stands to reason that CCP most probably already is Notarized with Apple.

But if yes, this means opening a developer account… hopefully seeing you guys one day port the game to Metal :slight_smile:

not a computer person, but it seems as if this is more in tune with APPS and not full blown programs like EVE.

It affects both Mac App Store apps as well as programs downloaded from the web. Basically it’s just the key to open the Gate (gatekeeper). I believe the OP worries are unfounded, as I am sure CCP already has an account with apple - they do have an eve companion app - so nothing to worry about.

Just did a fresh download to see if it runs on the latest Catalina Beta. App is showing signed (which is a plus) and I do believe it is being notarized.

Also, Not being notarized won’t prevent you from running any application, it just means you have to deliberately right-click + open the app and confirm you really want to.

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