Apprenticeship in Wormhole Space [OPEN]


I am offering an apprenticeship to a promising pilot. I maintain a c5 hole with a c5 static. Basically I will teach you everything I know and how to survive and THRIVE in Jspace.


Play every day for atleast several hours a day (with exceptions)
27 years of age or older
Experience in Jspace, interest in space castles and wealth accumulation
3 or more omega accounts

You will learn how to make isk in Jspace, how to secure your assets, how to properly transport items/ships into the hole, how to survive an eviction, how to do an eviction, etc.

Main focus is on marauder ratting C5s, dread ratting C6s, recognizing an incoming eviction, and doing an eviction with a partner. Cloaky roams when player count is high. Huffing & Mining, keyfinding etc. during the weekends

This can be a paid position if you show enough promise.

Again, the main focus is on wealth accumulation and security. If you are looking for a PvP partner, I am not your guy.

Please inquire with ‘Desmios Sanguis’ or ‘Arcturen Sanguis’.

Thank you for your time!

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