[ARC] Corrupted trinary data compositing

If the valkyrie want this tech then they have a way of decrypting it. I will continue to aid the valkyrie for the time being but anything that I learn through my contact, i will forward onto you.


As a Valkyrie, I’ll be short so that this location cannot be traced.

The Quartermaster is an independent agent, he has his own motives, they don’t seem to absolutely allign with the Rabbit, Schism, nor the Valkyrie.

Don’t trust the fallen capsuleer. Kavik and the rest of us were taken against our will.
The Quartermaster seems to be interested in leveling the playing field for his own ends.

Think carefully before you decide the fate of those trying to reclaim themselves from Fatals clutches.

So we’ve gotten ourselves a mention in the news, that’ll certainly help out~

What’s most interesting to me is this quote, though:

“Those trinary relics are undoubtedly extremely dangerous in the wrong hands, possible vectors of colonizing neuromemetic worms or other coercive infowar technologies, and should ideally be disposed of using antimatter imploders. These capsuleers simply don’t know what they’re dealing with.”

What might we be working with here? Perhaps they’re unencrypted for a reason.


That is just CONCORD trying to scare you.


With how specific that phrasing is, especially the part about them possibly being a vector for “neuromemetic worms(?)”, I can’t help but think there might be more to it than that :thinking:



A formal response to the Scope article is warranted.

In the first place, let me express my amusement and pleasure that Lina Ambre considers the Arataka Research Consortium’s work on Drifters controversial. It is our view that the Drifters are widely regarded as a potential threat to cluster stability, and have demonstrated a willingness to and a capability of assassinating state leaders. To that end, in our desire to understand their capabilities and monitor developments in known locations of Drifter infrastructure, ARC and other organizations routinely engage Drifter forces and recover material for study.

More importantly, the Arataka Research Consortium coordination group feels it is necessary to respond to the unnamed Directive Intelligence Agency source, and his or her concerns about dangers implicit in this technology.

We as sovereign capsuleers can’t and won’t surrender our autonomy, not least of which in a matter of public interest such as this. We will however take all necessary steps to ensure the security and safety of our operations, and invite CONCORD to provide advisers and observers to minimize the risks involved in this venture.

These steps will be undertaken immediately: we will establish a hot lab facility for use in this research. The research centers will be operated behind an air gap, with strict controls on equipment present within the research center to prevent bridging from within the information quarantine zone. Further measures are being researched and will be implemented immediately, and we may delay research as necessary to ensure adequate security against memetic or infowar attacks.

What’s more, given that the CDIA source indicates that infowar or memetic elements are a probable threat, we will ensure that priority is given to analysis of this data for signs of infomorph or neuromemetic content, and will invite suitable experts to advise on this avenue of research.


In other words Mr Angry Concord Guy … put up or shut up!


Do you have the military assets and pilots required to defend such an installation?


We have had to defend installations against the usual trawlers before, and done so successfully, so as usual the question will be one of how dedicated and well-funded our attackers are. Against a concerted attack from a major power, there’s little we can do without outside support.

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I will be contacting you shortly regarding a donation on behalf of Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute to aid with your purchases.


Excellent. I can promise no support of any kind, but… well, who knows what New Eden will look like by the time the eventuality comes to pass?

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I will support the ARC as long as PanFam has a neutral or favorable opinion of you.

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On behalf of Goonswarm, I hereby call for the immediate and final destruction of ARC and all affiliated facilities.

There you go, Makoto, we’re too lazy to bother, and now they’ll absolutely love you.


I thought it would take you longer to get Mittens’ permission to say that. Oh, and were is that retribution you promised us? Shouldn’t you do that before you go after another organization?

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Aneozomi-haani; many thanks! We look forward to the donation, and to soliciting your team’s assistance at the facility, once established.

Ms. Del’thul; at the very least, helping put us in touch with the right people wouldn’t be a bad start. Mercenaries have their use, after all.

Mr. Liberator; my thanks.

Arrendis; well, uh, that’s novel. Uh-- thanks?

That said, if you two could both kindly keep the war to other threads, that’d be lovely.


My pleasure! And sure!

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“…the Agency job calls for capsuleers to enter “warzones” that appear to have been the scene of fighting between Drifters and parties unknown.”

So like, what parties?

Is it the Quatermaster’s associates or someone else?

This stinks. The Drifters aren’t going to appreciate a mob of Capsuleers traipsing all over their space and digging into their stuff. Last time they got really irked, they ganked the Empress.

What’s the real play here?


The Quartermaster is secretly an Ardishapur supporter and wants the Drifters to assassinate the Empress again so there is a new Succession tournament :tinfoil:


That would be the part of “parties unknown” that means “they don’t know”.


This is not amusing.