Arc Empire Epic Arcs worth salvaging + looting?

I just finished the Amarr epic arc, looting and salvaging along the way. Other than one mission which dropped 40-50 million in tags, nothing jumped out at me as impressive or above a typical L4. Perhaps I neglected to add everything up from my my main 2-3 stations where everything was stored during the arc.

Compared to standard long-term level 4 salvage + loot rates, are the epic arcs worth salvaging and looting?

Yes. I can’t remember the total offhand, but I salvaged well over 100-million ISK from the Caldari Epic arc (not including the final ‘perk’). There are a few missions with decent Empire officer tags.

I have run all 4 main faction arcs, some multiple times. I, too, have always salvaged/looted every mission ( where safe/aplicable), earning 80m+ per arc in addition to the big end payout (can run 100m+). It does add much more time to loot/salvage all missions; probably safe to skip those missions that drop only the mundane loot or at least don’t clean clear all of them.

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