Caldari Epic Ard - Looting?

Greetings. I’m doing level 4 missions with ease in a Caldari Navy Raven. Thinking of doing Caldari Epic Arc. My question:

Is there looting involved? Do I need to bring my Noctis?

dBerchBlade Utama

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You can loot if you want but a cloaky ship might be better (Low sec…)

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Better structured guide.

As for looting - just bring Mobile Tractor Unit and gather tags on missions with Navy ships if you find those.

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I run all of the level 4 epic arcs and have a Noctis stationed in each Factions space. Most of the high sec missions will definitely have loot and bounties available.

The low and null sec missions are mainly courier missions with a couple of small encounter missions. Having a Salvager module or Salvage drones fitted on your ship will quickly take care of the few NPC wrecks generated in those missions.

I’m familiar with both guides linked above however I prefer the Eve Survival guide


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I loot them all, only the caldari has you mandatory low sec and that’s a courier, just a matter of avoiding the gate camp, last time I did it I was switching between my main and alt on the same account and after the alt ran into a smartbomb camp, I had to wait out the camp

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