[ARC] "Peace, Progress, Prosperity!" corporate messaging campaign ends 21st December

Good evening, pilots!

As has been mentioned elsewhere, the Arataka Research Consortium has formed a competition among capsuleer designers to create art depicting peaceful, cooperative ventures. While this has been pushed via other Galnet venues before now, we want to be sure that you all have an opportunity to enjoy the work so far, review the rules of the contest and some of the suggested themes, and contribute if you feel so inclined. Please be aware that as the competition has been running for several weeks, the deadline is near! 21st December, day end, New Eden Standard Time marks the end of this.

As always, ARC has not exercised any editorial control of the submissions made so far, and so matters of style, substance, or technicality may be best referred to the creator of any individual piece.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please do say.


Good evening, pilots!

An update for those who might enjoy it; we’ve completed judging and are preparing to distribute prizes. The following provides a list of winners and notable entries. As is often the case, we remain both impressed and pleased by the capsuleer community’s interest in visual expression, and by the vigor pilots took to this competition.

First place: labtecwar, with glowing ARC . It’s a clean, clever design that plays on the logo in a new way, and was a consistent favorite of the judges.

Second place: ShadowPhynix’s Intaki Deal. The piece evokes corporate messages sprayed onto a concrete wall, and speaks directly to the major themes in a very effective way. Nicely done!

Third place: Kathy Watanabe’s hippie ARC. This piece does a wonderful job of playing off of the ARC logo’s flower motif with a classic '60s vibe, and was another consistent favorite.

Honorable mentions:

All entries may be found here.


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