[ARC] Semiosis - Svarog Clade Jarognik Attack EDENCOM

This sounds like bleeding-edge technology. I’d like to have a couple of working modules that use this technology.

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Respectfully, I take this transcription in a different direction - but I do indeed share some of your thoughts on Immanence, MissTsukiyo:

Each XCV Datastream opens with:

Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow dialectical semiosis flow (indecipherable) follows:

Xordazh Chislov Zvemokorg noemata «have highest priority for proving by directive of the Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle» (indecipherable) advancing-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «following strategic elements in force relations field operations» (indecipherable)

Zorya Triglav’s dialetical semiosis flow (—) follows:

Plural noema (policy/tradition/directive)
of Xordazh [World Ark], Chislov [Stellar Accelerator Deployment?], Zvemokorg [?]
have highest priority for testing/proving, by the CTOS’s decree
(—) progressing/moving-forward argument-subject (—)
following strategic elements in force relations field operations (—)

Essentially: the Invasions, and all of the operations being conducted within their radius, have been decreed to be the Triglavian Collective’s highest priority at this time.

Each interrupt then follows:

Datastream XCZ1
(indecipherable) the course of the flow of Vyraj from the domain of Bujan to the ancient domains shall pass from first liminality, through second liminality, at last to breach third liminality.

(—) the moral flow/flow of destiny from the (assumed) home base of the trigs, to k-space
shall pass through three distinct liminalities (the state of being “on a threshold”)

The flow “approached liminality” as the first stage of Invasions commenced;
I’d wager we’re on the precipice of the Third and final one to be breached.

Datastream XCZ2
(indecipherable) as the flow of Vyraj brings communion of the Sobornost to those that may be fit for glorification, the flow shall cleave and cladistic proving shall begin anew in the ancient domains.

(—) as destiny/the Trig moral way
brings sharing harmony+co-operation
to those that may be righteous (as the trigs see things, of course),
destiny/their way will branch
and [the Triglavian Clades’ proving of others]* will begin once more in k-space.

*the term “cladistic proving” has only been used thus far to describe Trigs-against-non-trigs

Datastream XCZ3
(indecipherable) as the Sobornost and Kybernauts pass over the waters of communion, the floods of liminality shall cover the faces of Immanent Glory and Immanent Gold alike.

This is where it gets interesting.
The only other examples we have of the term “Immanence” in the Triglav language apply to STARS. Raznaborg observation records collected via semiosis intercept revealed Triglavian classifications of five individual stars, each with one factor described as "immanence".

In known space, there are seven “star types” along with subvariants:




O1 (Blue Bright)


A0 (Blue Small)


B0 (Blue)
B5 (White Dwarf)


F0 (White)


G3 (Pink Small)
G5 (Pink and Yellow)
image imageimage image image


K3 (Yellow Small)
K5 (Orange Bright and Red Giant)
image image image image
K7 (Orange)
image image image


M0 (Orange Radiant)
image image image

All examples of the Triglavian “DAZH CAT” attribute coincide with a star type, including a match with the secondary numeral - at least by count of the numbers of subtype after the letter we use, though their convention seems to classify them in a slightly altered order (example: Type A after Tybe B), presumably identifying them based on the other named factors they use to describe attributes of stars.



Sun Type: B5 (White Dwarf) - SECOND subtype of B-Class


Sun Type: A0 - SOLE subtype of A-Class


Sun Type: F0 - SOLE subtype in F-Class


Sun Type: G3 - FIRST subtype in G-Class


Sun Type: K5 - SECOND subtype in K-Class

Niarja specifically is described with IMMANENCE: GLORY - certainly related to the phrase “IMMANENT GLORY” in XCZ3.

Based off of all already-gleaned info (and with a heavy nod to the work of Haria and Ilm), I tenatively predict the following as a translation of Triglavian DAZH CAT classifications to our own Star Types:

DAZH CAT I :: Type O1 (Blue Bright)

DAZH CAT II-I :: Type B0 (Blue)
DAZH CAT II-II :: Type B5 (White Dwarf)

DAZH CAT III :: Type A0 (Blue Small)

DAZH CAT IV :: Type F0 (White)

DAZH CAT V-I :: Type G3 (Pink Small)
DAZH CAT V-II :: Type G5 (Pink, or Yellow)

DAZH CAT VI-I :: Type K3 (Yellow Small)
DAZH CAT VI-II :: Type K5 (Orange Bright, Red Giant)
DAZH CAT VI-III :: Type K7 (Orange)

DAZH CAT VII :: Type M0 (Orange Radiant)

And extending this, I’d confidently assert that an assignment IMMANENCE: GOLD exists, and will be applied to a familiar class of star in the near future.

With increasing certainty, the Triglavian Collective’s Invasions display a clear preference for stars of spectral class F9 to F6 - that is to say, the range of Type A0 and B0 stars - I urge all interested parties to look into Haria and Ilm’s work in The Triglavian Primer: Triglavian Foothold Systems - Patterns and Preferences.

Given all we know, it seems plausible that IMMANENT GOLD refers to Type B0 stars - though the Triglavians’ heavy avoidance of type O1 stars - the star type which the Apocrypha Event centered on - makes me give pause: perhaps this star type may still yet hold some future significance.

Amendment: Evidence has surfaced to suggest that Immanence: Gold may in fact refer to a sampling of Yellow stars.

This allows us to read XCZ3 as:

(—) as those in harmony/cooperation w/triglav, and Capsuleers
pass into the state of Sobornost/mutual-cooperation
the waters-tide?(metaphor?) of this threshold-crossing
shall mask/cover/eclipse the faces/surface(?) of type A0 and B0 stars

Whatever the Triglavian Collective is planning with New Eden’s stars, the last phase of their linimal provings is approaching - and if any of this is an indicator, some systems are will be of far greater significance than all others at that time.

Each datastream is end-bracketed by:

The proving of Kitezh and Xordazh shall ground Chislov Zvemokorg noemata, while obstruction and mortification close the ways.

The proving-testing of the Kitezh and Xordazh World Arks
shall stabilize Chislov [stellar accelerator] noema and Zvemokorg [???] noema,
while obstruction/damaging (the flow of Vyraj)
close/block the possibilities/routes(?) (some uncertainty here)

The XCZ datastreams portend a third and final step in the Liminal Provings; we have yet to see the end of the road Zorya Triglav is paving. Whosoever chooses to move with the flow of the Triglavian Collective will be recognized by them in some way - and whatever events are approaching the horizon, they will be illuminated by the stars of New Eden.

Interesting times ahead.


thanks for sharing all of this.

I may need to add a few parts to my gravitational analysis…


how should i sell it (OODA Loop Expert System Package, Encrypted Semiosis Console (Svarog Clade) ) ?

Pilot Rusl,

I sent you an EVE mail. Thank you for getting in touch.

Haria Haritimado

Respected Uriel

Thank you for combining and reconciling the very different methodological approaches of the latest Triglavian Primer and the analysis of Semiosis messages. Both paths have not been systematically linked yet, for good reasons. While the Semiosis Consoles provide access to communication among the Convocation of Triglav or between them and us, the analysis of Ilm Gaterau and me is treating the Triglavian actions strictly as an objective, even natural, phenomenon.

I do follow your conclusion that we are missing a Semiosis analysis on one of the most favored star types, the B0. The Semiosis Console Log SCL-D9 does include five star types of which A0 (Niarja, in this specific case) is certainly of major interest.

I would even go a little bit further. I think that we either missed to intercept a Triglavian analysis on the B0 star type or that we will see one coming up soon, if we keep vigilant and succeed in deciphering the latest artefacts found on the EDENCOM sites.

If I combine a) the results from the Semiosis anaylsis you provided above with b) the insight into the strategical preferences of the Triglavian invasions (what I called the Risk Group) and c) further dwell on their solar preferences (A0/B0) from the Triglavian Primer as well as d) earlier observations on specific radiation subtypes within even one single sun type, I would predict that we will see a Triglavian survey of one of the following systems soon:

  • Chibi
  • Agal
  • Manatirid

Just to make one thing clear: we are trying to predict where the Triglavian forces will stage their next escalation and, sadly, there is no reason to believe they won’t do so. Even if they are reading this right now, there is no reason not to spoil their plans and primary objectives.

I want to close this post with a brief note on an internal debate we had on the significance of Niarja as a military target. Niarja, as one of the most notorious bottleneck systems on the Amarr - Jita pipeline, is well known for low security response time, piracy, and smuggle. Its long-standing security rating of 0.5 reflects that very well. Also, it is a strategically very important system, connecting the flow of goods and people between two large portions of the core worlds. On top of that, it holds a A0 class star as its heart and was subject to Triglavian probing at least once (with favorable results). These are all good reasons to perceive Niarja as a major target for any serious Triglavian attack on our interstellar infrastructure.

However, Niarja has never seen a Triglavian invasion as far as I know. Occupying this very core system would place any invader between all major factions. Additionally, I infer from the data we have that B0 stars of the radiant subtype is even more important to the Convocation than the A0 or O1 type. Thus, I would never rule out Niarja as a primary target of further escalations completely, but I believe the Triglavians are still probing for something more preferable.


Haria Haritimado


Given the results of our two year analysis or the relation between gravity and wormhole formations, they may have a way to severely hinder any reinforcement capacity we could muster in response of a full scale invasion

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Hello Haria. I also have two instances of Encrypted Semiosis that I’d trade for ISK.

Now that my final analysis is completed, I can take the time to answer a bit more completely here:

The triglavian collective could destabilize a system gravitic well strongly enough to render it’s stargate inoperative. I don’t think the destabilization would last very long (a few weeks at best) but if it is negligible in term of cosmic scale, it is long enough to set up a real foothold in the system…

The problem is, eve concord could have difficulties having access to a particular system.

A real possibility, even if it lack evidence as of now, is that with a strong enough gravitational anomalies, you could potentially even hinder quantum entanglements-based informations transfers.

I’l get out of my field of expertise but also point out that the mutaplasmids show a ever increasing capacity to modify our nanites-based modules.

But the nanite technology is omnipresent in our modern society, that mean that with the correct reconfiguration, the mutaplasmids could be applied to larger structures like ships or even stations.

That could even explain why the Collective is so efficient to corrupt/intercept our transmissions: they simply have a direct access to the mainframe.


Dr. Fallenstar

Thank you for your contribution. The role of gravitational manipulation and quantum-entanglement has been quiet apparent since the appearance of the Stellar Accelerator Structures. We have pointed out in the past, that this must be discussed and researched in close relationship to the Triglavian Filament technology. However, the exact mechanics (and technological applications!) are still a mystery. Your dedicated work on gravitational effects jumps right into this gap. I suggest that we meet soon and discuss some possible further research, if you like.

As for your concerns regarding stargate technology and the interruption of the Faster Than Light Network, I totally share those. When the Convocation of Triglav started to establish solar system effects which slow down warp speed and introduced the Filament Technology to capsuleer ships (bypassing any authorities and security measures by doing so) it became clear, that their possibilities might reach even further. With the appearance of the Xordazh class World Ark vessel, we surely have to admit that the Filament technology does rival jump gate or cynosural technology, able to transport super-capital class vessels or even structures. So, what you point out is a possibility for sure.

However, the Convocation, so far, was more interested in interaction than isolation. Violent it was, but communication nevertheless, when they called us to their diverse forms of proving. Attacking the stargate network might be appealing in a conquest for territory - and there are those lines about their ‘ancient domains’ we now populate. I think we know too little in order to decide if attacks against the stargate network would actually fall in line with their agenda. The possibility alone is certainly on the table and troubling enough.

Lastly, the nanite and mutaplasmid technologies certainly add to the complexity and we have to wait and see how they further use or expand it as a strategical resource. I would also like to add their assumed possibility to actually alter the composition of chemical elements and alloys through quantum manipulation. I am still puzzled by the effect of the Stellar Accelerators on mining laser efficiency. How can this possibly be explained? Also, the A0/B0 Blue Star problem finally ended at the point where chemical reactions within stars might play a major role (I dubbed it ‘stars’ visual subtypes’ in lack of a detailed element table, since the nuclear fusion, element composition and gravity distribution within stars finally determine their visual appearance). The Semiosis Concole Log SCL DS-9 revealed Protium and Porevitium as two possible elements of significance. Isogen, or one of its many instable variants, is also a good candidate. Of course, Helium comes to mind as well, especially for the Blue Type suns.

Keep up the good work and I hope we are granted the time to intensify mutual research before further escalation takes place. The latest EDENCOM attacks are troubling for sure.


Haria Haritimado


I suggest we use eve mail to arrange that, but it will be with great pleasure.

I agree, I was speaking of isolation on the case of a full scale military invasion of a system.
One could point out tho that their “interaction” feel much more like experimenting on rab labs in a controlled environment than greeting potential friends. On that note it remind me of the jove’s observatories that pretty much state that they were also experimenting on new eden’s cultures.

I must admit that the past months have been a sort of blurr for me, I may have not followed New eden’s news closely, I may need a refresh on this.

Always a pleasure to speak with you.

Have a nice day,

Umbre Fallenstars

I did a little bit of research and my early estimation is that the gravitation perturbation of the system could have an effect on the integrity of small scale objects.

If that’s correct, we could also see a lesser effect on moon mining.

Perhaps the instability could also have an effect on mutaplasmids…

Hello. Just to remind that we also have semiosis (attribution of meaning).

Correlation does not equate causation, if interactions to stars do happen, possible stargate interferences may be a byproduct, not the objective of the interactions.

When we say “attack”, there is a whole sequence of meaning that can be created: Intentional action => hostile action => hostile actors => enemies => enemies to combat => war.

Words have power.


I completely agree on that.

I may have badly chosen my words then.

I’m not saying that the goal of the Collective IS to disrupt the stargate network.

just that they can.
At the same time, we should not forget that they managed to create a way for US to get into the abyss from there. That mean they know how our travels systems works.

Given they apparent cautiousness and carefully planned testing, getting only more and more drastic, I can’t help to think that there is indeed Intent behind their actions.

Either hostile or accidental remain to be seen, but assuming they just “didn’t knew” is very unlikely.

And the Collective may not be at war with the capsuleers as a whole, they definitely are at war with CONCORD…

Fellow Capsuleers

Allow me to pick up the loose end cited above. - We already saw the Triglavian Collective analyze our stars roughly one year ago, when we intercepted the above linked Semiosis Console Logs. Protium and Porevitium were explicitly mentioned as two chemical elements of possible significance in the intercepted footage. The latest Datastreams salvaged from the EDENCOM battlegrounds reintroduced some of the designators the Collective use in their star analysis, like ‘flame’ or ‘glory’. As Captain Morgana Tsukiyo pointed out above, ‘gold’ might even refer to a sun type which was not known to be subject of an analysis so far.

The most current problem we face is that we have sun types, like ‘G3 Pink Small’ or ‘B0 Blue’ which have several visual variants. The fourth issue of the Triglavian Primer pointed out, that these different visuals might have an impact on preference for the Triglavians. However, we are not able to relate the visual variant to any other substantial information we have on sun types (e.g. like luminosity). The latest thoughts on the matter, shared by Morgana Tsukiyo, Uriel P. Anteovnuecci, Ashterothi and others, suggest that Protium and Porevitium might play a role in this.

To further investigate the matter we undertook the effort to make a thorough comparison of all the visual sun variants we know so far within the New Eden cluster. Please find the chart below.

A quick glance gives a superficial impression that suns of different type share common features. For example, we can classify following aspects across several sun types more or less easily:

  • The corona of a sun, from sharp and bright (O1 Blue Bright) to simmering (B5 White Dwarf variant 2) or disharmonic/dynamic (G3 Pink Small variant 2).
  • The surface texture as a result of temperature, size, elemental composition, and gravity distribution. Some suns (e.g. G5 Pink variant 2, B0 Blue variant 3) show remarkable dark suface patterns compared to others.
  • Some suns show a stable harmony (K7 Orange variant 2) while others appear to be turbulent (K5 Red variant 1).

I propose that the radiation emittance does play a major role here, however, I need some fresh thoughts on the matter. So I kindly ask for your support. If we accept the findings so far, that A0 Blue Small and B0 Blue (var. 1) stars are of major importance for the Triglavian collective, can we deduce if other stars might have a similar relevance based on the visual features they might share? Also, keep in mind the information we have on the star analysis done by the Triglavians in Console Log DL-9 linked in the quote above (find a transliteration here).

Generally, I wonder if there is a pattern hidden in the visual sun variants, but so far, it eluded us.

Any ideas are appreciated.

Haria Haritimado


I’ll look into this tomorrow in details, but my first thought is that there may be indirect evidences.

I know that in my field of expertise, indirect measure is a valid first step.

That’s exactly what the project discovery is about for example.

Edit: maybe doing a comparison with “non tempered data” could reveal some things, for example from wormhole space.


So I picked up one of these at an EDENCOM site today. You folks still buying them?

I think ark is and they have the priority of course, but i admit i would like to have one, so if arks reprenstatives are ok, i would like to discuss with you.
Otherwise i think a contract to madame makoto prianno will do it

Dr. Fallenstar

Thank your for asking, please go ahead.

Our current price is 50 million for an Encrypted Semiosis Console. The original post has not been updated yet. Or only once.

Fly safe,

Haria Haritimado

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Hi Haria Haritimado,

I sent 4 contracts, the last 2 days ago and not one of them was not executed, maybe they ran out of ISKs? all contracts I sent Makoto Priano