[ARC] Semiosis

Two translations as follows:


Directive 3:

exhibit range of
autonomy profiles»

«requests for
threat profile modelling
are impinging
on control norms for
testing and analysis»

«Isolated testing and
will be carried out»

«control measures will be
used in recovery»

«despite countervailing
from higher functions of
entities the
success of reconnaissance
pulses and
surveillance scatter
indicates continued
work to evolve


Directive 2:

«encountered augmented
human entities within
singleton format ranges
exhibit varied
allegiance profiles»

«archive pattern
analysis suggests
allegiance profiles
conform to diverse
scattering of points
in scatter-volume
model of
civilization development»

«specific augmentation
profile commonality
involves utilization
of biological construct
enhancement with
cybernetic adaptation
for personality-level
command identity

«continue to next
evolution of sampling»

It does not escape this poster that these messages appear to be “counting down” in their Directives. I wonder who’s Number One.

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Oh, I’m sure several billion people will cry out somewhere with a single voice and be silenced.

But that really just means more for those who remain, doesn’t it?

There clearly exists some inscrutable value “we” provide to the shadows; and so long as that value continues to be provided, “we” should be more or less okay.

Indeed not, as we would already be speaking triglavian.

It’s curious what the flow is, and how, what they are extracting, and why. What reasons would the drones and drifters have in hamstringing this activity or utilizing this resource for there own purposses? Is it in it’s self a form of conduit or harvestable energy.

Also, having lost a few battleships to driffters when they first appeared, for experimentation purposes of course, They had extreem power. Why are they not as devistating against the triglavians. Why would driffters send inferiour ships into hostile and apparently contentious abyss space?

Drifter ships are not that tough. Once you get past the Doomsday, and the ships in the Abyss don’t have them. They can still hit hard. Triglavian ships are tankier plus repping helps. I still wouldn’t say the Drifter vessels are inferior though. The Flow isn’t a thing, its a philosophical concept.

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I think that Zero-Point Condensate is what this game really is about for them. Not sure if we can even fathom all the possibilities of this substance.

The clips we’ve received from the Clades thus far match the pattern we saw last year, with a full revelation of the intended gifting of visual data coming from the assembly of the parts.

As with the vault parts from last year, it looks like we’re looking at multiple full files, split up - I’ve matched two here, but the third part is definitely from another file. I included it in this preliminary example, though, to demonstrate what we’re going to be dealing with.

I’m extremely interested to see what comes next.

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Something that size, with what looks to be a large hangar, I’m inclined to suggest it, carrier?

I just received 2 messages from veles clade, and one from perun clade. I’ll compare what I received to the ones listed above, and let you know if I have anything different.

edit: yup, its the same ones, although for some reason I received duplicates from veles. not sure if its relevant since I only have 1 semiosis conductor, so unless other people received duplicates as well, I will assume its simply a routing error on the part of concords mailing service.

Is it?

For all we know, Virage is a collective term for a type of ceremonial plumed headdress worn by all triglavian captains, due to the volume of losses they have sustained in abyss space there is a higher demand than supply, as they are made entirely by the elderly generation using very slow to produce synthetic materials. This decline in the “flow” of production is of paramount concern to the top brass.

The second file is a lateral view of the same overall construction as the first (dorsal) wireframe.

If you look at the thruster(?) visible in File 1 at 0:03 and it’s position on that wing(?), it comes into view on the lateral wireframe right about 0:15.

Yes, it’s certainly the same wireframe - it’s just also another spin around view, not matched with the first spin the first two clips show~

Right, which is why I’m seeing it as a 90-degree change of viewing angle. What happens if you rotate File 1 180-degrees and off-set it by half a rotation?

I’ve tried that, it doesn’t match the wireframe’s orientation correctly no matter what way you position the clip :stuck_out_tongue: It’s from a different angle entirely, regardless of however you move it/rotate it/offset the time

No, heh. I meant ‘can we get a complete look at File 1 by setting the video to 0:30, rotating that and overlaying it on the 0:00/1:00 frame’.

Which basically gets:

It might be possible to get things to line up better with some work, and fill in the missing 45-degree arcs, but I’m in the middle of another project right now.

My thought was whether or not it would line up with Nomistrav’s reconstruction. Which, overall, I think it will.

Oh, I hadn’t realized what you meant - yeah, that does exactly as you say, but Nomistrav’s is similarly close enough that it didn’t cross my mind to do it (Nomi’s:)

The only thing more you might note in the clips I’ve stitched is that the “wings” of the vessel are longer than they appeared before.

Right. My train of thought had been that we could look to see if there was any difference in what we were seeing with the new section that show parts we hadn’t picked up on in Nomistrav’s reconstruction. But right now, it lines up pretty well.

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No there are too many instance of Flow of Vyraj being used in Triglavian texts as almost a spiritual journey. That has been well documented elsewhere.

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It may be time.

It is time for something, clearly.

Does this moment in history call for an ancient nemesis civilization to leave its sanctuary of ten thousand years so that it might present the citizens of New Eden with an elaborately produced product brochure for a new dreadnaught or carrier? Although it cannot be categorically precluded, it is tempting to imagine that this is about something bigger than just a new kind of big thing with which we are already familiar.

Moreover, ethnic smugness has warmed me up significantly to this new super civilization now that I realize they favor energy weapons and armor. The Triglavians may not be the Talocan, but they do at least have some Takmahl seasoning… oh my, look at that: three Ts.


Okay, so, one: they haven’t “left.” We’ve been going to them.

Two, “nemesis civilization”: ???

Three, armor yes, energy weapons … no. An entropic disintegrator emits an exotic plasma stream; it’s more like a blaster than a laser, but it’s not really very much like either.

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