[ARC] Semiosis

Of course, pumpkin.

It would have been a good opportunity for you not to double down. Going so far as to quote a use of the term as an example of how the term is not used is quite remarkable even by Sebbie standards.

But now that even your precious little head has wrapped itself around the fact that energy neutralizers are the “energy attacking energy weapons” in question, do you require an explanation of how that is related to Amarr?


From the looks of it, it appears that these dreadnoughts being built by the Triglavians, are prepared for potential war with Sansha and the Drifters, but could this mean the ships are also motherships of sorts? Like… for long term settlement?

I mean, we have seen a weaponized mothership before, the battle of Vak’Atioth. So this can be a possibility.

Maybe even CONCORD has negotiated means for potential Triglavian settlement in Known Space, exchanging tech with them and so forth?

Speculating a lot at this point, but I guess we will know soon enough.


Why not a FOB, perhaps they are intent on taking WH’s back?

According to the images that Uriel has posted above, it looks like these things have engines. So a ship is the best guess. But who knows… they may have some sort of stationary function, like some kind of reinforced mode, that enables them to act like structures, for various purposes, listening posts or something else…

Three of them on grid, and they can join together to form a titan?

Reentry into the shipyard led me to discover that the scale of this vessel has been vastly misunderstood, by a scale of nearly 10 - this recreation from a sensor sweep serves to demonstrate the true size of this behemoth construction.


Suspiciously planet-shattering kaboom-like.

This changes things a bit.

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Sounds as Gallente Federation.

Ah-- yes.

Admittedly difficult to get a sense of scale in a space devoid of references, but-- yes.

That’s big.

Very big.


Too big. If that is not a dreadnought hull and vastly dwarfs even an Avatar, then it is a supersized titan, or a mobile citadel platform of some kind.

Given the scale of construction - in regards to how the construction is being executed - it’s made out of a barebones framework, so spartan it’s barely even a support frame.

But the rear section can’t be much but an engineering section. The diagonal sections do not make for good hangar bays unless gravity is locally changed, but that takes more energy and even with a naked singularity as large as could be contained in this frame, making these design decisions is impractical.

So it is a structure with a propulsion and engineering section, but is as large as, if not larger than most deployable structures to date, except for maybe one.

The Drifter Hives.

If the Triglavians are looking to counter them, one-to-one, then a mobile structure that does not need to be disassembled to relocate it would certainly be a great advantage, and one comparable to Drifter Hive relocation capacities.

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The word ‘‘mothership’’ comes to my mind something similar to what the jovians used at Vak’Atioth altho I find it very odd that the Triglavians chose to just build it and ‘‘wave’’ the design in our faces.


That might be the closet comparison we have, and if it is indeed a mobile structure, an apt description.


Changed from… what? We maintain standard gravity in stations, and those certainly don’t have enough mass in the right location to generate that force evenly across the length/height of say, the EFA station in Amarr. Nor is the station oriented to be making use of the nearby planetary mass (which would be providing microgravity at best anyway, at that altitude).

Doesn’t seem like they’d need to be able to generate gravity in any more remarkable a way than we already do.


This is something that had been bothering me ever since I first got a personal look at the construct, by first instinct based on size was a station, however everyone kept saying it was a dreadnought of some sort, and being built seemingly by svarog it seemed credible. so I bowed to common consensus.
next time I find myself in that room I will try and take a closer look at the “engine section” to try and confirm if that is, in fact what it is.

although that does beg the question, if this construction, whatever it is, is intended to be mobile, and intended to establish a beachhead in k-space or anonoikis (however you spell it) it would require one HELL of a spatial rift to send it through, orders of magnitude larger than anything we’ve seen to date.
which may be a serious threat in and of itself.

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In terms of the scale of the spatial rift required, we’ve already seen the like: the nexus anomaly in Drifter Hives.


I wouldn’t worry their intentions don’t appear to have intended malice toward anyone except the drifters and oddly enough Sansha Nation . It’ll likely see deployment inside the drifter wormholes to destroy their hives.There’s not much in there.

It bothers me we never seen faces of Triglavian people. What’s under that mask? How do they look like?

I have a theory BTW. Those Koschoi, Navka and Narodnya parts in my opinion seem to refer to different parts of the same person. It’s like those are feminine (Navka), masculine (Koschoi) and shadow (Narodnya) parts of a persons consciousness (and/or subconsciousness).

There is another thing which I’m currently trying to wrap my head around, which I might share later. But this Zorya Triglav from the billboard message, I think will pilot this uber-titan ship and it will in some way include entire Triglavian race. Much like Jovian Construct Motherships once did.

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Candidly, the masks made me think immediately of holo villains. Sure, holo villains are fun. But it is a bit curious that leaders of a nemesis civilization building planet-shattering kaboom devices need to have fun or hide their nature behind masks.