[ARC] Semiosis

I’ve tried that, it doesn’t match the wireframe’s orientation correctly no matter what way you position the clip :stuck_out_tongue: It’s from a different angle entirely, regardless of however you move it/rotate it/offset the time

No, heh. I meant ‘can we get a complete look at File 1 by setting the video to 0:30, rotating that and overlaying it on the 0:00/1:00 frame’.

Which basically gets:

It might be possible to get things to line up better with some work, and fill in the missing 45-degree arcs, but I’m in the middle of another project right now.

My thought was whether or not it would line up with Nomistrav’s reconstruction. Which, overall, I think it will.

Oh, I hadn’t realized what you meant - yeah, that does exactly as you say, but Nomistrav’s is similarly close enough that it didn’t cross my mind to do it (Nomi’s:)

The only thing more you might note in the clips I’ve stitched is that the “wings” of the vessel are longer than they appeared before.

Right. My train of thought had been that we could look to see if there was any difference in what we were seeing with the new section that show parts we hadn’t picked up on in Nomistrav’s reconstruction. But right now, it lines up pretty well.

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No there are too many instance of Flow of Vyraj being used in Triglavian texts as almost a spiritual journey. That has been well documented elsewhere.

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It may be time.

It is time for something, clearly.

Does this moment in history call for an ancient nemesis civilization to leave its sanctuary of ten thousand years so that it might present the citizens of New Eden with an elaborately produced product brochure for a new dreadnaught or carrier? Although it cannot be categorically precluded, it is tempting to imagine that this is about something bigger than just a new kind of big thing with which we are already familiar.

Moreover, ethnic smugness has warmed me up significantly to this new super civilization now that I realize they favor energy weapons and armor. The Triglavians may not be the Talocan, but they do at least have some Takmahl seasoning… oh my, look at that: three Ts.


Okay, so, one: they haven’t “left.” We’ve been going to them.

Two, “nemesis civilization”: ???

Three, armor yes, energy weapons … no. An entropic disintegrator emits an exotic plasma stream; it’s more like a blaster than a laser, but it’s not really very much like either.

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It’s also to be noted that while the entropic disintegrator has similar traits to lasers and blasters, while being neither, their defensive posture is much the same to Amarrian and Gallentean strategies.

Yes, they prefer armor, but while they do not have any mentionable preference to speed, they can be quite fast and nimble in their own right, while retaining a fair amount of armor, which does not surpass Amarrian armor in sheet number of plates, and does seem to favor Gallentean resistance capacity, they seem capable of a happy medium with both without losing too much speed or overall bulk tank.

Thus, makes them like both, but equally not.

In the same vein, their ships have fantastic drone capacity and bandwidth for their size - save a few outliers - but they do not have a direct preference for them (likely the result of politics between Clade Veles and Clade Svarog) making them Gallentean-like, but there are many non-Gallentean ships that have great capacity for drones, such as the Armageddon.

They are similar to many, but have taken some of these traits to the extreme, and have thus made it more their own than anything like ours.

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By “energy weapons” I was referring to “weapons used against energy” and not lasers; but yes darlings, that was ambiguous.

This makes absolutely no sense. Any weapon you fire at a shield is a weapon used against energy. Technically, any weapon you fire in the direction you’re ship is moving qualifies as well, because at the moment of discharge, the energy being projected is accompanied by acceleration in the opposite direction—which would mean against the forward thrust of your engines.

Really, at some point just saying ‘oh, I got that wrong’ would be a good idea.

Heavy sigh.

" Capacitor warfare describes the use of various offensive modules or drones to disable hostile player ships by draining their capacitor, thereby rendering them unable to use modules which rely on capacitor to function. Modules that drain capacitor are known as “energy weapons” (not to be confused with energy turrets, the Amarr racial turret weapon) and are affected by ![Icon skillbook2.png|16x16](upload://5IQKk1IFRVihMaIZWr6ei7Sy0gk.png Capacitor Emission Systems."

Taken from: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Capacitor_warfare

Quoted again for emphasis: “Modules that drain capacitor are known as “energy weapons” (not to be confused with energy turrets, the Amarr racial turret weapon) .”

Yes, be all dramatic. Meanwhile, nobody refers to neuts and nos’s as ‘energy weapons’. Not even the skill description on the Capacitor Emissions Systems book. That only goes so far as to lump them in with remote cap transmitters as ‘energy emission weapons’.

So, really, it’s great that you can find a wiki on galnet that gives you one use of the term the way you seem to think it’s used, but no, modules that drain capacitor are not known as ‘energy weapons’. Maybe someone, at some point, wanted them to be known that way… but they ain’t.

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Of course, pumpkin.

It would have been a good opportunity for you not to double down. Going so far as to quote a use of the term as an example of how the term is not used is quite remarkable even by Sebbie standards.

But now that even your precious little head has wrapped itself around the fact that energy neutralizers are the “energy attacking energy weapons” in question, do you require an explanation of how that is related to Amarr?


From the looks of it, it appears that these dreadnoughts being built by the Triglavians, are prepared for potential war with Sansha and the Drifters, but could this mean the ships are also motherships of sorts? Like… for long term settlement?

I mean, we have seen a weaponized mothership before, the battle of Vak’Atioth. So this can be a possibility.

Maybe even CONCORD has negotiated means for potential Triglavian settlement in Known Space, exchanging tech with them and so forth?

Speculating a lot at this point, but I guess we will know soon enough.


Why not a FOB, perhaps they are intent on taking WH’s back?

According to the images that Uriel has posted above, it looks like these things have engines. So a ship is the best guess. But who knows… they may have some sort of stationary function, like some kind of reinforced mode, that enables them to act like structures, for various purposes, listening posts or something else…

Three of them on grid, and they can join together to form a titan?

Reentry into the shipyard led me to discover that the scale of this vessel has been vastly misunderstood, by a scale of nearly 10 - this recreation from a sensor sweep serves to demonstrate the true size of this behemoth construction.


Suspiciously planet-shattering kaboom-like.