[ARC] Strategic Briefing : Invasions: For Fun and Profit

ARC Strategic Briefing : Invasions: For Fun and Profit

The Invasion content has largely settled down now. Edencom and the Kybernaut groups have established doctrines and techniques that work well, sometimes largely due to force of numbers, but the war is progressing in a steady fashion.

I, and other members of ARC have been scouting systems and observing to try and work out what is actually happening and where things are heading. We have a fairly good idea and will make further reports as, and when, we have time. Some of the interactivity is very complex and it is a lot of work.

Due to the rate at which systems can flip we recommend fleets take special care to ensure pilots get escorted in and out of the systems and nobody gets left behind. Cloaky scouts are highly recommended. This includes salvaged loot; carry it out, store it at a nearby safe system and work out divisions the next day if necessary. This saves people and loot getting trapped in accessible structures. A lot of which are reverting to abandoned status. It may even be worth declaring war on the corps involved and clearing the structures out, they may even contain loot. Alternatively advise the corps of the situation and assist with removal. Not every corp can afford to lose expensive structures.

Arataka Research Consortium always brings everyone in and out of Drifter systems together and it works, we rarely have any losses. If anyone does have problems we can help and advise. Do not hesitate to contact us via Consortium Operations, or even Eve mail me directly.

Fighting to secure a system is usually hard work, there is often little time to salvage or even loot, but I have made several observations that could well be of interest. At the current time Final Liminality systems and Edencom Fortresses have no major presences as such. Both of the main sites in these systems will spawn response fleets but nothing more and while that will change in the future they can probably be ignored for the time being.

The Minor Victory systems are important though. Currently I am not sure if we will be able to recover the Triglavian ones, or if Edencom ones can be overcome by Triglavian forces. It may well be that Edencom develop some means of doing it, and that the Triglavians also develop new tactics. It is how wartime research often works. Likewise, at present the number and type of sites present in systems seems limited. This is likely to change. I don’t think it will be long before we see some kind of science and research bases being established along with other kinds of information stores and production facilities.

From all reports, and scouts I employ in various capacities, the layout of systems is roughly equivalent. A Triglavian Minor Victory seems to contain one Major Conduit and two Minor and Emerging Conduits plus a number of roaming fleets that might well depend on the number of asteroid belts and even mineable moons. In addition Edencom establish a Forward Post. Presumably for observation purposes, although it may be that DED/SARO and other ground based troops operate out of them.

In Edencom Minor Victory systems the situation is reversed. One Edencom Field Base, two Edencom Staging Areas and Forward Posts. Again there is a Triglavian Emerging Conduit in system. We have no idea if the Triglavians deploy covert forces but they may, and might not be the only ones.

Talassonite and Rakovene are ores that appear in Triglavian sites, present in Minor Victories as well. These are worth mining.

The strategy is relatively simple. A fleet large enough to handle the Major Conduit and possibly Flashpoints if any appear. The composition should be such that it can split into smaller groups. These can run Emerging and Minor Conduits. First off deal with all the Roaming Fleets, these will be centred on Asteroid Belts, and Structures/Stations. At which point the Major Conduit can be taken out and a subsidiary mining and salvaging fleet can come in and clear the Rakovene. Communication between fleets needs to be clear. Additional roaming fleets might spawn. Then clear the Minor and Emerging Conduits.

Sub-fleets can cover miners and salvagers. This will maximise payouts. I have contacts that will buy the Ores at 90% of Jita if needed. Contact me in game. Overall a run should make a lot of good isk and the fleets can take it easy while waiting for respawns. There are also good rewards in terms of LP and Triglavian Salvage. The Edencom Forward Post should be a safe place to rest up if no structures are available in system,

Obviously the Kybernauts can do a similar operation, but payouts will be lower as the ore is not present. It may be that things will change in the future.

In service, Annsir Kaugan, Arataka Research Consortium.


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To the Arataka Research Consortium, this might be of an interesting find and area of research as well.

In the latest Sansha Nation’s Incursion in High-Sec, the current focus sits in the constellation of Mekashtad in Derelik. The constellation contains a system that had been invaded once by the Triglavians. This system, known as Iosantin, is now an Edencom Minor Victory. With this, Iosantin is now under Sansha Vanguard-class incursion. Now, this recalls my memory that minor victory systems can be reinvaded. It was not a long time ago that Iro was invaded and became an Edencom Minor Victory. It was reinvaded not once, but twice. Other systems that got reinvaded were Nonni and Ambeke, and as of this writing Keba in Aridia got reinvaded.

So where am I going with all of this?

With all of ARC’s resources, it might be interesting for you guys to check about this progress. Reports from capsuleers who have run by Iosantin sighting small Triglavians roaming spawns in the system while running Sansha Nation’s Incursion sites. It is known among Invasion capsuleer communities that minor victory systems can be reinvaded. Iosantin’s Sansha Vanguard-class incursion at the moment is the first known confirmed interaction with an invaded system to that of the Sansha Nation’s. If there are any correlations with Sansha Nation’s Incursion with that of the Triglavian invasion has yet to be known.

Excited to know what you guys think. Happy researching.

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