ARC to reveal anti-Triglavian super weapon?

Information reaches Gutter Press that the Arataka Research Consortium, known for being at the forefront of investigations into unusual astrophysical phenomena, may be about to reveal an anti-Triglavian super weapon at the upcoming Yulai Triglav Conference.

Our source revealed a massive increase in the amount of freight handled by ARC owned ships in the past few weeks, with capital ship componentry being a significant proportion of the freight, a fact revealed through a leaked cargo manifest.
This secret project also bears the name “Blue Fleet”, according to the source.

While such cargo is entirely legal, ARC is not known as a major operator of capital ships, and speculation has arisen as to the purpose to which these items will be put.

Gutter Press spoke to several residents of Yulai, to hear their views.

“I bet it’s some kind of prototype anti-Triglavian doomsday weapon”, said a Gallente exotic dancer from the Yulai III M1 station.
“Seems a bit funny, if the conference is supposed to be neutral to the triangles, that they’d reveal a superweapon”, said a Jin-Mei bartender on the Yulai X station.
“Nah, it’s a strongarm tactic, a show of force to the triangles. Put the fear in them.”, said an Intaki card player in the same bar.
“I hope the Triglavians don’t destroy the universe. All my stuff is there”, said a Khanid capsuleer.

CONCORD officials revealed that no licences for experimental superweapons had been granted to ARC, further adding to the mystery about what the “Blue Fleet” project is for.

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Considering ARC has invited the Convocation to the upcoming conference, how Triglavian would that be? “We have a brand-new superweapon we’re about to field against you. Please come join us for the big reveal!”

But, no, don’t think so. Those capital components are probably just parts recovered from a downed Zirnitra. We’ve been killing a few of those you know.


I knew it. ARC have been stacking and restacking Triglavian Trinary Datastreams all this time, and they have finally found and weaponized the combinations that create Emergent Threat Case Red Gamma incidents of Class A, B, and AB.

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Naa, they are building a hot tub. That’s what those parts are for.


Triglav: “Is that a superweapon in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

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Most likely “Scam more capsuleers” type of weapon.
No, really, I doubt anyone would be foolish enough to fall for ARC words.
On the other hand, that’s what every one of their ilk goal is - to hope someone would fall for that.

In order to avoid any misinformation and to keep in line with the public communication by ARC, I wish to say the following:

  • Yes ARC is in the process of constructing a fleet and has named it Blue Fleet. This fleet will be the second fleet of ARC and it will consist out of our Bermuda doctrine of subcapital ships and fittings. Blue Fleet is being constructed in order to have better coverage of the core empire systems. It will shorten travel time and enable faster deployment against the ongoing Triglavian invasions.

  • ARC is fighting the Triglavians in order to protect the people living in Empire space. Should the Triglavians attack the Sansha or Drifters, ARC is willing to support the Triglavians with that.

  • ARC does not condone genocide and neither owns nor researches any anti-Triglavian doomsday weapon. Any rumors or claims otherwise are baseless and false.
    The results of the efforts and research from ARC with regard to the Triglavians have been published in the past and ARC will continue to do so.


(ARC Fleet Commander)
(CONCORD Loyalist)


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