[ARC] Triglavian Collective datastream intercepts

(Siegfried Tahl) #5

Hope these are not similar to Gleaned Info we got from Jove Observatories, which didn’t lead to anything.

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #6

glad ARC is on it though.

good works guys n galls.

(Aria Jenneth) #7

So-- to be clear, Ms. Priano, where are these being found?

(Morgana Tsukiyo) #8

All your ships are belong to us :smiling_imp:

Hi Sansha! (Or perhaps Sleeper?)

Are (were) they allies or masters of the drones? It could be treason or rebellion…

Do they have treaties with the drones or between themselves regarding the type of drones they deal with?

Kill or study?

Assimilation (Communication) attempt of Sansha (Sleeper) personnel? Burn if it doesn´t work?

Interesting findings!

It seems they studied us and our interface, know we are compatible, they have deals regarding drones, and attempt some sort of assimilation of hivelinked vessels, all this while fighting ancient enemies.

The plot thickens!

(eeep) #9

they are found inside bioadaptive cache’s… just open them before you blow them up, you’ll see :wink:

(Aria Jenneth) #10

Oh! … That makes so much more sense now.

Triglavian collective - known facts - UPDATE 21/08/120
(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #11

Cycling survey data through a sequence of caches has already netted numerous samples of each datastream intercept; I’ll be adding additional attempted translations to this entry as I break down each one, in addition to some of the data already observed in other Triglavian objects.

Glossary Workflow, will be updated repeatedly:

AEA = Ancient Enemy Azdaja
DAV=Deviant Automata Vila/Vessels(?)
HFN=Hivelinked Foreign narodnya
AFN=Augmented Foreign narodnya (Capsuleers)
When using the word “narodnya”, the Triglavians capitalize it when referring to their own people, but it is lower-case when speaking of foreign humans/humanlikes.
Cladeships of 3/81/729 tactical troika classfication = Damavik/Vedmak/Leshak
Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle = the CONCORD equivalent for the Triglavian Clades
Poshlost = bad, obscene, undesirable
Sobornost = cooperation, community, common-together work
Reverse-time = past
Advancing-time = future
Repeating-time = continuous
Augmented Command Nucleus = pod/capsule (us)
Material Realization = losses/victories ratio in terms of ship/material losses

AEA1 - Ancient Enemy Azdaja Encountered

Cladeships of the 3 tactical troika classification in communion militant of Varpulis Subclade of Perun Clade encountered the Ancient Enemy Azdaja at reverse-time co-ordinates (indecipherable) while processing in sub-18 exclave of conduit loop construct-405. Absolute imperative of poshlost extirpation against Azdaja was invoked without acceptable material realization. Tactical troika of Varpulis Subclade placed a casting of absorbed data into the cladeflow for reflection of Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle.

[Damaviks] [in military service of Varpilus Subclade of Perun Clade] [encountered (unknown force AEA - possibly Drifters)] [at ::at-the-time:: (indecipherable) coordinates] [while operating in (?) room of Abyssal loop 405.] [Highest-importance priority] [of destruction-removal of Azdaja] [was performed with sub-optimal loss-to-victory ratio.] [Tactical troika (command-esque) of Varpulis Subclade] [uploaded information into inter-clade main dataflow/infobase] [for consideration of (COTOTS, essentially CONCORD of the Clades, Clade-Council).]

AEA2 - Agreement to Cooperate against Azdaja

Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle has affirmed the need for playful communion of repeated-time by the Clades Assembled and Subclades Militant and Technical. The entosis of the Ancient Enemy Azdaja into the loop constructs must be sever-reversed by the volition and merge-consent of Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle. The adaptation schema of cladeships for all tactical troika classifications may be entered into the cladeflow without proving.

[Clade-Council has affirmed current+progressing need] [for Military and Tehnical cooperation of all Clades and Subclades.] [Entry of Azdaja into Abyss must be completely turned back, under Clade-Council agreement.] [Schema for all Triglavian ships may be uploaded to main dataflow/infobase without (testing(?)).]

(Morgana Tsukiyo) #12

Who would be that ancient and that dengerous as to make them go full attack mode disregarding losses and costs? They already encoutered Drifters, so either this is a reverse-time log or a new player has joined.

(Makoto Priano) #13

We’ve seen Drifters fighting alongside Sleeper drones in many instances, and Drifter corpses appear to be further-augmented Sleeper cadavers collected from breached Sleeper enclaves. Given that Triglavian Collective references to HFN and AFN indicate either corrupted hivelinking, or hivelinking as corruption, and given that the Sleepers we see in Abyssal deadspace appear to be operating alongside the Drifters, it goes to reason that the Triglavian Collective either fears ‘corruption of a hivelink,’ or ‘hivelinking corruption,’ in either case indicating that they consider the activities of the Drifters and the potentially suborned Sleepers to be sacrilege.

This is supposition, but it does seem to align with what little evidence we have.

(Aria Jenneth) #14

Soo-- having looked these over …

It seems like Datastream AEA is a record of initial encounters with (hopefully) the Drifters. I say hopefully because I’d be worried if there’s something worse out there. Anyway it sounds like the Triglavians have set aside their differences (or would that be “normal testing criteria?”) to face the threat.

Datastream AFN seems to be a record of the initial CONCORD venture. As I think we were kind of starting to suspect, it seems like we’re considered a subject for study rather than an enemy for removal; “proving” -type testing by combat seems to be something the Triglavians do even to each other. They don’t seem to have any qualms about “extirpating” us when we fail, though. To nobody’s surprise by now.

Datastream DAV’s pretty unsubtly about the rogue drones. What really amazes me is that the conflict over whether the drones should be treated as friend or foe is often visible within a single area; I used a Deviant Autmata Suppressor (presumably of Svarog Clade) earlier today to keep a large swarm of Damaviks (presumably Veles Clade) busy repairing their drone friends instead of each other.

Datastream HFN … I guess they must have been talking about Seekers, if they’re worried about entosis? It’s interesting that “entosis” is something the Triglavians are so concerned with; I wonder if we might be able to do something with links of our own? Have we tried?

(Would the Triglavians be as mad as it seems like they might if we did and go all “poshlost extirpation invocation affirmed against augmented foreign narodnya and extended into advancing-time” on us?)

(What would change if they did?)

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #15

With entosis, that term seems to be used by the Triglavians simply to mean entry/invasion, unrelated to our specific modules using a similar namescheme.

AEA datastreams make sense as the Drifters, as what else would be causing such alarm? The only invasion we know of is by them. However, “hivelinked foreign narodnya” also sounds highly applicable to what some consider the Drifters to be./

(Makoto Priano) #16


My concern with labeling Drifters both AEA and HFN is that this implies differentiation between classes of Drifters. Aside from notable command failures early in their attacks on the Amarr, we’ve never witnessed anything that indicates factional politics.

(Aria Jenneth) #17

Well … another thing it seems like “hivelinked foreign narodnya” might be is Sansha’s Nation. It looks like on first encounter, in HFN1, whoever it was, the Triglavians engaged them and won. But the second time (HFN2) … if “entosis” just means “entry,” it makes sense that Nation would board a Damavik and … possibly manage to compromise the crew? It looks like they chose to burn the problem away.

The third time (HFN3) … it looks like they took over a tracking pylon? Which then got blown up by Leshaks. They seem to be pretty okay with burning out this apparent corruption where they find it, and to have had good success doing so. Maybe it is in fact Nation?

We haven’t seen them in the Abyss, but, it doesn’t mean they haven’t been there.

(I do think there’s some possibility that the entosis link, as a hacking tool, might be a little interesting to try on the Triglavian structures just in case. If, you know, that wouldn’t make them stop treating us to a “proving” and instead try to purge us entirely.)

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #18

Mmhm, the HFN are the strangest entity so far - that sort of invasion also seems to be prepared-for, given the string " Invocation of the ancient-time accepted noema of extirpation of hivelinked narodnya proceeded", leading me to wonder whom it would be that the Triglavians have ancient-time knowledge and methodology for dealing with.

(Aria Jenneth) #19

Well, considering the breadth of experience among the Ancients, it does seem like Sansha’s Nation might not be the first to have tried to build a human hive-mind?

I’d been wondering for a while whether the Triglavians themselves might even be like that. It sounds like that’s a firm “no,” though, if they have doctrine for extermination of such beings.

… Even before we started seeing them in Anoikis, the Sleepers were known for their neural implants, right?

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #20

Cryostatic Virtual Reality, through connection via implanted tech, yep. This sort of entosis on the part of the HFN sounds almost infection-like in its description - seeing the Drifter and Sleeper presence in the Conduit-Loop Constructs, I can’t help but also think of all of the infected Quarantine Zones deep in Anoikis alongside it all.

(Makoto Priano) #21

There’s something to be said, though, for a bottom-up consensus network, where nested triples tend to yes/no votes, as opposed to, say, a top-down command network, where a central intelligence coordinates an arbitrarily arranged network of drones.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #22

I fail to see how you came to the conclusion that it is some kind of CONCORD? maybe I have missed Information.

what difference with “advending-time” do you make? if you make one that is ^^

thanks in advance for your responses.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #23

The Convocation is mentioned in numerous contexts here as a tri-clade cooperative decision-making council; the string DAV3 especially reinforces that, saying that the Svarog and Veles Clades have opposing views on Deviant Automata (Poshlost for Svarog, Sobornost for Veles), with Perun Clade’s as-of-yet indecision making the Convocation’s official decision unable to be made yet.

As for Advancing-time versus Repeating-time, the distinction I’d make would be that Advancing may mean more “in the future, going forward”, and Repeating is “at this current time and continuing into the foreseeable future” - though I could be wrong.

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #24

good work chap