[ARC] Triglavian Collective datastream intercepts

(Umbre Fallenstar) #22

I fail to see how you came to the conclusion that it is some kind of CONCORD? maybe I have missed Information.

what difference with “advending-time” do you make? if you make one that is ^^

thanks in advance for your responses.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #23

The Convocation is mentioned in numerous contexts here as a tri-clade cooperative decision-making council; the string DAV3 especially reinforces that, saying that the Svarog and Veles Clades have opposing views on Deviant Automata (Poshlost for Svarog, Sobornost for Veles), with Perun Clade’s as-of-yet indecision making the Convocation’s official decision unable to be made yet.

As for Advancing-time versus Repeating-time, the distinction I’d make would be that Advancing may mean more “in the future, going forward”, and Repeating is “at this current time and continuing into the foreseeable future” - though I could be wrong.

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #24

good work chap

(Umbre Fallenstar) #25

thanks for the explanation, it seem indeed pretty clear !

adding it to the list of known fact ! Thanks for your Help !

On the matter of threats, given the need to destroy what seem to be “hive minded” could it be that a threat exist in New Eden and we do not know of? I think for example of the Rogue Drones, we know that some hives are “independent” and some are not, the explosion of rogue drone invasion in the past years tend, in my opinion, to prove it, because a lonely hive could not organize such war effort.

I’m waiting the next invasion to see if the recent CONCORD classification will show new data on this. Maybe there is something or someone trying to get control of the drones (and maybe more generally, is good at getting control over HiveMind) ?

PS:: It is possible that the constant consensus that the TC seem to seek is to avoid a culture prone to evolution into a hive mind ?

(Aria Jenneth) #26

Just from context (“ancient”), it seems more like a, “We have seen this before. We left instructions for ourselves. This is what we are to do.”

(Arrendis) #27

Given the events in the HFN2 datastream, I think it may be more accurate to tag HFN as likely to be Sansha, not Sleepers. AEA may well be Drifters, and given the behavior of Deviant Automata Suppressors (which don’t impact Sleepers), DAV does seem to indicate the Rogue Drones.

AFN, given the ejection of the augemented command nucleus (the pod), is clearly us, yes. But we’ve never seen Drifters engage in anything like…

Entosis, after all, is an invasive cellular behavior where one cell invades another. We’ve never seen the Sleepers do this to hostile ships. The Sansha, on the other hand, are prime candidates for ‘who would be invading and corrupting Narodnya (people) with a hivemind?’ Though… Hillen Tukoss does come to mind.

Either way, given what certain sources tell us, Narodnya means people, in a rather old and perhaps isolated dialect. Sleeper drones would be ‘automata’ of some sort.

(Makoto Priano) #28

The only issue with a Sansha appraisal is that we have no other evidence of interaction between the Sansha and the Collective; while it’s absolutely a possibility, we run the risk of ignoring other likely alternatives when we look to them.

After all, this may in fact actually be some form of neuromemetic warfare. Winds know CONCORD got into a tizzy about that not too long ago.

Still, we still have relatively little to go off of, so can’t rule it out, you’re quite right.

(Arrendis) #29

And given CONCORD’s test this week of Cynosural Projection technology, I think we need to keep in mind that there’s likely technology floating around out there for which we have no direct conception. So, yes, while I don’t think we can pin the HFN’s down as Sleepers, or drones of any sort, it’s likely far too early to label them as Sansha.

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(Umbre Fallenstar) #30

what is this test you talk about?

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(Aria Jenneth) #31

From context, it looks like the Triglavians often subject those of other clades (maybe even their own?) to a “proving” before favors or upgrades will be granted. It seems to be a pretty harsh kind of thing. The impression I get is that any time you use an Abyssal filament, a “proving” is what you’re entering: a trial by combat.

Win, and the Triglavians give you stuff (like the contents of their caches). Lose, and, you get “mandated extirpation.” That is, you get podded.

If I’m reading the overall situation right, the Triglavians aren’t much more hostile to us than they are to each other (in contrast to their “Ancient Enemy Azdaja”), but they want to test and study us. And, they generally do that by setting up combat scenarios, so. . . .

(Arrendis) #32

You mean we’re entering into extended combat-testing grounds set up so the Trigs can study us at least as much as we’re studying them?

Huh. Man, someone should’a thought of that already… :thinking:

(Aria Jenneth) #33

It was kind of the going theory, I know, Arrendis. Just, now, we have some kind of solid basis for it aside from “this is starting to feel like ritual combat?”

(Arrendis) #34

Yeah, I’m just messin’ with you to be a pain. :slight_smile:

(Alessa Khan) #35

i agree with the idea that Hivelinked Foreign Narodnya is the Triglavian term for Sansha’s Nation subjects. we may not have seen a Sansha Incursion into the Abyss yet. but we didnt know about Sansha Incursions into Drifter populated systems in Anoikis well until later.

taking in account how much time has passed since the Abyss was revealed, it wouldnt surprise me if the nation has tried to send exploration parties of its own into the new frontier.

in fact, it shouldnt be long before other factions make a dive into the Triglavian domain. the reports just havent been found yet.

(Makoto Priano) #36

Hm. Point that there might be Sansha activity in abyssal tiers we’re not yet able to explore.

(Bebop1492) #37

In case anyone wants to ‘decode’ the messages for themselves and are confused its just an unscramble game/puzzle. 3 partial messages = 1, they are labeled into sections, caps, GLHF.

(Bebop1492) #38

TLDR, war never changes, the Clades got Recked (RIP o7), their paradise or something important burned, they couldn’t figure enough out in time despite brutal attempts to try, so they went all Ragnarok on everything including themselves. GG NO RE

Just my interpretation so far. Seems like they are pulling alot from slavic/russian myth/culture/stories so i’m abit out of tune. either way its all Bad for the clades.

(Metuzalem Hadouken) #39

Whats even more interesting here is that within the Datastream HFN it mentioned. “The Koschoi of the tactical troika advised immolation. The Navka consented and invoked immolation at reverse-time co-ordinates (indecipherable).” which would suggest that the Navka swarm is actually very accepted within the Triglavian forces.

Also I am putting a tritfoil hat on here but Triglavians and A-Space could potentially do some weird stuff with Time as “reverse-time co-ordinates (indecipherable)” would suggest. What if time is experienced all at once in A-Space? so they are actually debating whenever or not to accept rogue drones as a “client race” while also already hosting that hypothetical client race which is the Navka overmind? /tritfoil hat off

Also I do believe “hivelinked narodnya” = Drifters/Sleepers wheres “Ancient Enemy Azdaja” is something else. Drifters/Sleepers are a hivemind. If the Datastream AEA describes an militant encounter with them then " Invocation of the ancient-time accepted noema of extirpation of hivelinked narodnya" would have happend, but it did not. Also while Sansha seem like a hivemind its actually just a enslaving oligarchic technocracy.

(Aria Jenneth) #40

Hmm. That’s true-- it seems that they’re like … allies? Playmates in “tentative playful communion”?

It definitely doesn’t seem like the Triglavians are giving an Overmind orders. More like, “Hey, we’ve got a Damavik with a corrupted and probably contagious crew, and need you to vaporize it. You feeling up to it?”

“Bzzt. Right-O!” [opens fire]

(Aunt Tom) #41

Someone in CCP definitely was biten by Russian-English dictionary :slight_smile: If it helps,

“narodnaya” is adjective from ‘folk’ (well, like ‘folksy’)
“poshlost” is banality.

But they may be attacked by Czech-English dictionary and in this case meanings may be completely different :slight_smile: