Are Capitals allowed in High Sec?

Going to buy some stuff in Jita I encountered the following funny pun :

I just wondered if using capitals is ok in chat in high sec…


Removed the pic as, some of depicted content, violates the Forums rules.

While not exactly what you meant the pic to show, next time try only to show what is needed :wink:
So for clarification, No, there are no general rule that says you have to use capitalization, however much some random guy may think. It’s his personal issue.

I will grant him this, proper capitalization does make sentences look nicer :grin:

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Ok, it was just funny to see how Jita local was being abused by some frustrated person. And in all the chaos someone found the time to reply with a pun. I was thinking of telling him to use Capitals (capital letters) but then I remembered that you can’t fly Capitals (capital ships) in High Sec… :smiley:

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