Are deals made on "Want to Trade" enforced by CCP?

Hello, I am aware that deals made on the character bazaar are protected by the devs and if one party tries to scam the other, CCP ensures the deal goes through.

I am about to do a deal on “WTT” and wanted to know if it has the same protection from the devs as well considering once the deal is accepted, one party has to send their goods first.

The reason I can’t just do a contract / trade in the place where the item(s) I want are is because the item in question I want is in a “dangerous place” and the seller does NOT want the goods I am trading him/her for it there as then he’d have to haul them to the trade hub.

Seeing as it is not possible, as far as I know, to set up a contract for an item in exchange for an item where both items are not in the same station, using “WTT - want to trade” is the only thing I can think of to have this deal happen while making the buyer happen.

I submitted a ticket to CCP but I’m not sure if that was the right place to ask so i’m posting here as well.

Thank you in advance!

No. The only area that has CCP-enforced protections is Character Bazaar due to the real-money costs involved. Scamming people into buying PLEX is also against the rules and will result in response from CCP. Scams involving existing assets is entirely allowable per the EULA.

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So, if you were in my situation, and you had someone who had something you really wanted that was in location a, and the item(s) the seller wants in exchange for it are in location (b) and he does not want to have to move assets from location a to b due to risk of loss what would you suggest I do to make it possible?

I don’t know of a way to establish a contract that exchanges one item for another item without them being in the same place :[

If one of the hauler corps can haul it out of there, that would be a solution, or find a safer place to buy said item that you are wanting…

It’s a supercapital ship it can’t be hauled out.

If it’s a unique item or a rare ship then you need a mutually agreed upon trusted third party and anyone who is in a position to buy such a thing will be able to judge who is/isn’t a good choice better than I can. If it’s anything other than a unique then I’d be seeing red flags and thinking this was a scam.

EDIT: yeah then if it’s a super then you need a third party like how people used to buy/sell supers before they were dockable. But I’d still be suspicious of “I don’t want to have to haul the X to a trade hub.” In that case he should happily accept the ISK value of X?

I have doubts you are ready for a super (do you know what this is?) if you have to ask these questions.

The trade contracts are enforced by the mechanics of the game. You get what is written inside and you pay what’s defined. A scam can only be on the location or you not reading carefully.

EDIT: if people refuse to use ingame contracts, this is usually a scam attempt.

Yes…I know what a super is I have several already but thanks for the condescension. I was simply asking if WTT was backed up by the devs like the bazaar was and asking for some alternatives. Thanks everyone for your responses.

WTT contracts are backed by mechanics. Why do you need devs?

The ship is located in location A. The items i’m trading for them are in location B. I offered to move said items to location A so we can do an exchange contract but he does not want to risk moving the very small, very valuable items from A to B, where he would be selling them over time in small bursts to maximize profit (if all were sold at same time, profit would be smaller).
As far as I know, item for item exchange contracts only work if both sets of items are in the same station.
He proposed we each send separate contracts and posting the details of our deal on the WTT section of the forums as it is protected by devs, which I could not verify. I submitted a ticket and posted here to see what the official policy was since I saw character trasfers were enforced.

I know this is a complicated situation and i’m probably not the best at explaining things but I hope this makes it clearer now. I’ve offered to simply sell the items for isk and do a straight up sale for his item for isk, but he wants them sold slowly to increase the amount of isk made from the sale which would be very large.

This sounds very suspect to me. I would consider offering the items you have on a sale contract to your seller with a fairly high isk amount, close to the value of your super. Then the seller can contract the Super to you for that amount of isk. In this scenario the isk plays collateral. If they try to scam you, at least you have a few billion isk.

Move the items with a hauler, In small quantities. Push x or red frog

This sounds like a scam. The proposal is misleading you. There is no protection for anything other than char transfers.

100% This. The seller is lying about WTT being protected by the devs. Scamming is allowed in WTT; only character sales are protected due to the real-money cost of initiating a character trade.

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Owning something doesn’t mean you know how to fly it. I could buy a plane right now, doesn’t mean I know how to fly planes.

He is literally giving you advice and being nice to you, and you’re taking it as an offensive action. Do you spit on people who hold the door open for you?

This is a lie, and he can actually get in trouble for saying this.

lol he asked me if I knew what a super was and then told me without knowing who I am that I am not ready for one. That’s being assumptive and condescending. Anyways, already got the answers I need and ended up finishing the deal using a different method. Thanks for everyone’s answers.

He said he has doubts as to whether you are ready for a super. He did not say that you are not ready for one.

And yeah, if you dont know about these scams, and how trade works in EVE, then youre sorta kinda not really ready to buy one.

Again, just because i can buy a plane, doesnt mean i know how to fly one.

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