GTC trades/sales question

In the old forums you used to be able to sell/trade GTC for ISK and it would be guaranteed by ccp that codes would be legit (if I remember correctly). Is that no longer a thing and I missed the fact that it got discontinued?

if it is still on the up and up, if I have extra sets of Galaxy/Meteor/Star packs how do i go about selling/trading them?

The GTC sale forum has been out of date since PLEX were introduced. I guess it wasn’t considered worth the jump to these new forums.

I’m not sure if you’re actually allowed to sell any codes for ISK in EVE now that the GTC forum is gone. I’d suggest you put in a support ticket to check if you’re allowed to sell them, and whether someone is allowed to scam them from you (so you know the risks of doing so). If you are allowed to sell them for ISK then feel free to contact me and I’ll help you liquidate them.

Thanks submitted a support ticket for clarification if its against the ToS, I may just end up creating 2 new accounts.

Can you let us know here when you find out if GTC sales are still allowed please? Would be useful info.

Will do once i hear back.

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I doubt scamming is tolerated for GTC codes, as they probably fall under a similar category as character sales. IE fraud during the sale can be considered actual fraud.

Wait for a GM reply on this.

Scamming someone of PLEX is 100% allowed.

The packs arent just PLEX though. They’re gametime plus ingame ‘bonuses’ in the form of a redeemable code. GTC sales were guaranteed by CCP, and Character Transfers are guaranteed by CCP. So… if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…


PLEX is an in-game item, codes aren’t. You’re not allowed to scam for art creation, website/comms hosting, or PLEX after convincing someone to purchase it for real money. I would guess that you’re not allowed to scam for these, or even sell them, but I can only vaguely remember CCP posts on the matter and it’s better to be sure.

This is a rumor - one that has been denied by at least one GM. (Not allowed to post correspondence anywhere to back this up, and I haven’t personally seen the correspondence either)

Whilst I don’t do this (it’s an ethical line that extends into IRL - in game anything goes, but this is over my line), I know someone that sought clarification on the rules around this, and a GM said there was no explicit prohibition.

In any case, whenever you have any doubts and are considering scamming, file a petition first. And if you are considering buying something from a seller you do not trust and think scam protections may apply, file a petition first. That’s really ABC of scamming or due diligence.

I had one answer that surprised me once - posting ‘bad faith’ Character Bazaar ads that do not lead to a transaction being initiated (for example, to inflate prices, or for shill bidding purposes) is against the rules. Example: if you are both characters A and B, and A is being auctioned with an active bidder offering 150b, logging onto B and saying “165b right now” (with no intention of transacting) is not allowed.

That’s not a “scam” and so I thought it would be fine, but I asked the rules and was given a definitive no.

Sounds like you found another GM that doesn’t know CCP’s policy.

However, scams that affect areas outside of the game may not be tolerated in the same manner, such as, but not limited to:

Scams that encourage the mark to purchase PLEX in order to acquire the ISK/Items

Also, you are allowed to post correspondence if you do it responsibly.

Another misconception is that we´ll ban people for posting ticket replies which is not accurate. Over 15 years we’ve very rarely banned players for violating this clause (single digit number) and it’s always been on the back of a stack of previous warnings or over a wilful attempt to falsify or misconstrue communication for nefarious purposes.

So, reading the scams article. I read it as neither the seller nor the buyer can scam on the sale. Since the codes exist outside of eve. Correct?

Probably. But if you’re not allowed to sell them then it’s possible that the GMs won’t intervene in the event of a scam. Worst case scenario you could get a warning for RMT, so it’s best to find out what a GM says and you can at least point to that in the future.

Here is so far my conversation in the tickets. And from my understanding its it still stands as TBD because the initial response only addressed the selling of the in game items I would get from redeeming the codes. Not the actual codes themselves, since i can not redeem them without creating more accounts (still may happen).

For “just in case” sake I took out the actual GMs name.
(Edit: just realizes my account name is in there, gimme a sec to edit that out, derp)
(edit 2: fixed)

Got a response.

Seems its a “we allow it, but were not okay with it, and do at your own risk.”
Which, to my original point, i already created 2 new accounts and used all the codes. So its a mute point to me.

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