Are Duplicate Signature ID Prefixes Possible?

I’ve been working through some of the issues raised on the Tripwire repository and someone has brought to my attention the possibility that two or more signatures in a system may use the same prefix eg. ABC-123 and ABC-456.

As is, I’m sure all mapping software assumes that this is not the case, uses a 3 digit prefix for each signature and proceeds to overwrite the original if there is another with the same prefix.

As this is not something I can recall seeing, I was wondering whether anyone can confirm whether such a situation is possible? Would be nice if someone at CCP (@CCP_Falcon) can chime in here!

If it is the case then I guess I’ll take up the challenge of fixing this issue in Tripwire.

It’s possible. Someone in WINGSPAN just raised this as an issue with our bookmarking procedure this week.


I’ll start to take a proper look into this on Monday and start work on a fix now I know its possible.

@Chance_Ravinne do you have any input on how you’d see this working from a users point-of-view? At the moment if a duplicate is detected you’re prompted to overwrite the existing signature, this may need to change to allow these duplicates.

I’ll know more when I take some time to look into the code some more but any input would be appreciated so I don’t let y’all down!

Its pretty rare.
I have been working on a major update to Tripwire to not only address this issue but many others - it is essentially rewriting most of the core of Tripwire.

No ETA yet but you can see work in the “signatures” branch of the Tripwire repo: