Probe Scanning Results Show Up Twice With Different ID's


After todays short update or downtime, I noticed after logging in that the probe scanner results show up twice with different ID’s. When you then switch in and out of your Probe Scan window, the problem corrects itself but when you do another sweep with your probes, the results show up twice again with a different ID.

So in short, you have 1 site, showing up twice, with both different ID’s but in reality its only 1 location.

See photos !!


Same issue

Same issue here

Same issue with different ppl in corp trying to probe. All get the duplication bug the moment u hit analyze

can we get a CCP response?

Remove a duplicate post

ISD Bahamut

Several hours later, still not a single response. FFS…

Having issue with some signatures one being the static WH being not scannable, no matter they range or location you can not find them. had the double sig issue earlier, but this is crippling


I have the same problem. Nightmare when you are scanning in hostile territory.

Seems like the duplicate signatures also get different names, and they might even stick around after the original site/wormhole has disappeared. Last night I had scanned a data hacking site that turned out to be completely devoid of anything. It didn’t have a duplicate signature, and the signature - once scanned down - only had “data site” as its name, so my thinking is that it must’ve been the duplicate signature, and that the site that it had copied the signature from, had already been completed.

I mean if nothing else, this is just a pain in the ass. I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon though.

EDIT: Or maybe it’s already been fixed? O.o
EDIT2: No, no it hasn’t.

CCP i beg you please fix, if there is a reason for me to unsub this might be it…

The new AIR Rogue Drone Researcher combat site signatures don’t seem to get duplicates btw.

Still an issue this morning (EVE time). Sigs are sometimes duplicated (in exactly the same location, one labelled correctly, one not (ie only the sig code but no name behind it)). There are also some sigs that are unscannable - show up on the scanner but no matter which probes you use you cannot get any lock on the sig. Bit of a nightmare of WH dwellers…

Bug seems to be gone after downtime, thread can be closed i guess.

o7 - Tony

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