Are ideal PI locations different from ideal manufacturing locations?

Currently I’m just doing mining and trading, but am thinking of speccing into PI and manufacturing afterwards. Question is, if I’m doing PI, are there locations where I can do PI and manufacturing together? Or if I want to do PI and manufacturing, better to do it on two separate toons because ideal locations for both aren’t many.

If you join a group , most likely you’ll find a place that suites both for good efficiency .

If you want to do this alone , well I did both in a wormhole , but it’s not the rule …

As of lately from what others say PI prices have dropped a lot . Best places to do it are 0.0 , j-space and some 0.1 - 0.2 lowsec systems (sometimes those pay almost as much as the others mentioned).
For manufacturing you would want a player owned engineering complex in a system where the manufacturing index is low.

just out of curiosity, any particular reason to do this solo in a wormhole compared do joining a group and having protection? Or is wormhole space limited for solo players? noob Question.

Personal preference for me.

When you do both in a system as part of a group , there are some disadvantages , manufacturing index may go high for a while , PI resources get drained faster and others. It is true that maybe you’ll have better protection for this (never cared about that) , but there are also manufacturing taxes involved, POCO tax, etc. Good side is you don’t have to pay for the infrastructure and maintenance cost.

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For doing PI in a wh, you should have some wormhole experience or a corp that is protecting you, for you need a structure and POCOs in the system, and sometimes, foes shoot you and your stations.
But in a wh corp, PI is very easy and lucrative.

If your just starting out I would experiment with hi sec first for the added protection to get the idea down. Than branch off to low, null, wormholes as you will get better yields there.

For the manufacturing I would probably keep that in hi sec for ease and safety of transportation of goods though.

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