Are sleeper sites worth it

found one want to know how much isk it can give

About 100 to 150 million ISK from what I remember. But it’s to for the faint of heart to attempt them.

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what do you call “sleeper sites”?
sleeper ratting sites in a wh?
or sleeper caches (eplo thing)

site, max ship size, value
standard,cruiser ?,90M

value is ONLY BO of blue loot. so you need to remove tax, etc.

I’m usually running the superior sleeper with a T3C and grabbing 300~400M isk in blue loot and some polarized/faction BPCs. Are you sure you’re running all rooms?

not the mines. Should do it again.

and sometimes I skip the archive last cans when the triple collossal waves are called. Don’t have the rep for them, once I reached 10% hull.
Also those values are from a few years ago, I think I need to find more. Too bad the sites don’t spawn on demand^^

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