ELI5, What changed to make sleeper salvage worthless?

Recently moved into a C3. Between POS fuel and buying new asteros for explorer noobs after I murder them, I’ve started dabbling in shooting sleepers for blue loot to make some income.

I have always heard the maxim “Sleeper salvage can be worth more than the blue loot”, and Eve Uni pages still carry the disclaimer that site value can vary greatly from standard blue loot list if salvaged.

Now Im clearing and salvaging these, and find that even a sleeper BS hull, while dropping 9.4m in blue loot, does well to drop 200k in salvage.

Am I missing something or should just skip salvaging unless I get involved in manufacture?

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Salvage value in general has declined lately, but the main value of the WH combat sites is always in the blue loot which drops in the sleeper wrecks.

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