Are the special offers the same for everyone?

The first two are the same on my different accounts, especially the half price three months omega, they show up at the same time.
The following is my third special offer


Get a fully fit Retriever, the skills to pilot it, PLEX, and 30 days of Omega time!

It costs 17.99$, I feel very unfavorable, my friend told me that he jumped out a very cheap monthly omega of about 8$, is this true?Is it different for everyone?

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It’s not so much that they’re the same or different for everyone… it’s that they apparently have a small number of different “special offers” and various characters get them at various times.

  • 3 month Half price Omega $24 (which is the $8/mth your friend saw)
  • 1 month Omega, 100 Plex, plus a destroyer for somewhere around $10
  • The Retriever deal you see, which since 1 month Omega is regularly $19.99, isn’t bad.

There’s been a couple others along the way but I’m not sure which ones are still being offered.

CCP also posts sales on their various “Starter packs” on the website a few times per year, and those can be worth a look also.

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Seems a little different, what he saw was about $8 for 30days omega、250,000 skill points and 110PLEX

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