Are there baseliners who live in Wormhole Space?

Title, the whole “Unexplored frontier” with tons of valuable resources has to have attracted some non-capsuleer corporations.

What’s a baseliner…never seen that term used except to refer to a drug addict but I know that is not the meaning of your post.

Considering wh wasnt meant to be lived in mechanic wise, id say only capsuleers and their crews live there


Oh, I’m pretty sure they do. Given the amount of colonization / ressource extraction of wormhole planets, capsuleers probably have brought a couple billion people into wormholes already :stuck_out_tongue:

Also operation of citadels requires baseliners.

But It’s probably only something, adventurers look out for. Like myself people might take the risk and go there to find hidden treasures but most will probably find death.

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I imagine wormhole space for baseliners would look a lot like Borderlands or Mad Max, a lawless frontier filled with a billion ways to die, where prospectors struggle for that minute chance at fortune while slaving away for immortal demi-gods.

Baseline human, normal people, someone not modified extensively for the capsule.

The default template

Well it’s hardly ccp grade canon, but my corp’s whole stick was making frontier worlds in wormholes.


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