Are there black holes?

Hi! I would like to fly near a black hole, it seems to me that it would be very cool!

I hope you get sucked into it never to escape.

The nearest such thing in Eve is a Wormhole - which you scan down with probe scanners (normally in an exploration ship fitted with a probe launcher). These have all the nice visuals of a blackhole and a glimpse through them of the space the wormhole connects to.

They form a method of moving between and within Anoikis as well as a method of quickly getting around New Eden. They are normally short lived phenomena so don’t provide guaranteed connections and short cuts.

Each Wormhole has an identifier that gives information as to where the other end may be, as well as some information (under the “info” link) about how long it is likely to last.

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There are wormholes with a “black hole” effect (see: Wormhole space - EVE University Wiki) they have a “time dilation” effect in the sense that you (and missiles) fly faster in that system. Frome a lore viewpoint, these are double star systems where the second star is a black hole, however that second star is not a warpable object within the system, so in a sense you can be “near” a black hole, but you’ll never be close enough to be sucked in,

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Try cyno jumping

Jump into any low-security system (0.4 to 0.1 security rating) that is infested with pirates and the result will largely be the same. :wink:

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