Stuck between a rock and a hard place

So i joined a corp couple of days ago, a corp that suits my needs.
They are super friendly and helpful. We are a mining corp settled inside a wormhole. Its my first time venturing inside a wormhole but i know just enough not to get myself lost forever.
WIth that said, now towards my dilemma.
Ive heard wormholes collapse and travels and i assume this is the reason with my problem.

This morning when i was undocking and planned to jump outside and mine. The “People & Places” WH exit bookmark led me further inside another WH…wth? so i went back and docked my ship into our corp station.

Noone is online, i cant play now? im stuck in out station unable to travel outside our wormhole.
I only have my Mackinaw and Procurer inside our “corp WH”.
How does this work? How often does the WH in eve travels? and how do you discover a new entry/exit from a corp WH?
I can play other games and wait for my corp to come online, its no problem :slight_smile: im fascinated by how many things i learn everytime i log into the game.
Thank you for your time reading! Best regards //Ceoid

Welcome to Anoikis.

Wormholes - the routes between New Eden and Anoikis (Wormhole Space) and between systems in Anoikis - form and collapse in certain patterns with certain warnings - a combination of time limits and transiting mass limits.
Some are “static” where they always form to the same type of destination. So a system with a high-sec Static Wormhole will always have a wormhole to a high-sec system. Just not always the same system. Likewise, you may have a null-sec static, or a static to a particular class of wormhole.
Then there are just general wormholes to other systems. Welcome to the unknown. Take a gun. Good luck and happy hunting.

The usual good reference:

A valuable service you can offer your corporation is to map and record where the newly formed holes are in the system and where they go. Knowing that, for example, your high-sec static has just connected to somewhere busy is useful - you are about to get a lot of day trippers. Or if you’ve connected somewhere near to a market. Or you have a random wormhole to some objectionable neighbours. In the latter case you may want to roll it or be prepared for trouble. But that’s another lesson.

Always make sure you have access to a scanning ship - the most useful, indeed “must have”, thing in a Wormhole. The only way you can navigate in Anoikis is by scanning and building your own maps.
And those maps of wormhole connections are very useful to hunters. Don’t share them outside your trusted group.

You’ve got the right approach: it’s a chance to learn rather than whining. Good luck, and I hope you manage to get people on line soon to help.

Btw: Ore mining in Anoikis is fine, but gas, exploration and combat anomalies (loot) are much more profitable! And stuff that is only available in Anoikis is much more valuable.

I’d close with Fly Safe, but given where you are “Fly With Awareness” is probably better!

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And always have a couple load of extra scan probes in case you lose a load or even several.

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Thank you for your reply and information!
Yeah there was another lessen i had to learn yesterday when i lost my scanner ship Heron.
I probed down my very first Site III and successfully managed to hack a ‘tower’. I jumped with joy and almost screamed with happiness.
A blueprint with a tier II implant amongs alot of very expensive loot.

fof fof fof was all i heard as some NPC’s came warped in, and my heron went poff.

This is the reason i dont have my scanner ship with me haha, funny thing it was a frustrating moment and abit of ISK loss, i value that experience as a lesson to be learned.

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Yep. That happens. And a nice description of how it happens. The defences in Anoikis are tougher than those in New Eden high-sec, but the rewards are greater.
@Uriel_the_Flame is right - multiple sets of probes. If you have to run then you don’t want to wait for them.
And you need to stock ships on the assumption you will loose them. Probes and ships

But a good payday makes it all worthwhile.
If you can get the items to market to sell.
Economics 101: Value is what a buyer pays for it.

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