Permanent route to your fav WH system?

Hello! Yesterday I was doing some WH exploration, did several runs with my loot to and from a WHS (as earlier advised), eventually the exit WH portal collapsed. Probed my WHS, found: 1) an unstable WH to a deadly unknown space (nope), 2) an unstable WH to a secure space (yeap!). Came back not far from my initial system but since then I keep thinking: if wanted to establish a permanent route to my fav WHS (like some of you even have your own stations), so how do you go about it when all WH portals are unstable? Do you deploy some sort of beacon or something?

P.S. Not something to brag about to veterans but I made my first 35mil of ISK in few hours of exploration! And even didn’t loose a single ship :slight_smile: Thank you all for your advices earlier! Now I won’t be so pissed off when I loose a pimped-out probe :smiley:

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Firstly: congratulations. I may be old and grey, but I remember starting out in Eve when that was a good sum. It feels good.
I’m worth billions - but I still view a 35m “win” in a bit of business as rather nice.

In general answer: from New Eden (“normal” space) there are no fixed routes back to any specific system in Anoikis (“wormhole space”). All the wormholes form and collapse over time.
The only consistent feature are “static” wormholes that will, for example, connect a system to hi-sec. But the hi-sec system they connect to will vary across the whole if New Eden. Today, Tanoo, tomorrow? Dunno, possibly Ashab, probably not. Probably a long way away and not convenient.

For those that live in a Wormhole system - they will make sure they always have a character or player there that can undock, scan down the connections and identify the route back into their home-hole.


Thank you very much! The most important thing is that buying a newly fitted frigate after being ganked or making another mistake will be less frustrating. Another quite shocking thing is that a newbie can make that much money from the get-go :open_mouth:

Very interesting. But there is a catch - you cannot know the WH exit point without going through the portal. And if that one guy scouts the WH portal and it collapses behind him just afterwards? Then the WHS lost forever?

Thank you for your support and advices!

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You can see the estimates for lifetime and mass of the wormhole in the show info - window.

I always check it carefully. It should have lasted but instead it collapsed though no new ships appeared in the WHS during those 2-3 hours. It wasn’t a big deal for me but I was hoping that for the WH citizens there are some permanent high-end solutions.

Nope. That is the beauty of W-space. It’s always changing, always surprising. You never know where you end up that day. You just have to go with the flow.

EDIT: Do note that a wormhole will only close for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s lifetime is used up.
  2. It’s mass is used up.

So either you need to pay more attention to the show info -page or someone sneaked in some ships (possibly cloaked to make it less likely you to spot them) and massed the hole.


You can also take into W-space a trig entry and exit filament. If you need to get out of W-space in a hurry or you find the route you used to enter blocked or closed then use the entry filament to jump to one of the new trig systems, wait out the timer then use the exit filament to jump back to hi sec. Not exactly what you were asking about but it’s good to know that wormholes are not the only method of making it back to K-space

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Permenent route to WH would mean WH is broken and defeats the entire point of WH’s.


I often wondered if you could jump to Poch from J space. Good to know.

In my experience using the “Pochvin Express” the jump from Poch to empire space usually takes me to a lowsec system near Jita. Not always. But most of the time.

Then it’s not worth the cost to use a 3rd filament to try to jump to hisec (unless you’re in a very sweet target like a fat loaded transport).


Thank you, that’s very interesting! Are talking about Abyssal filaments? Good to know that there are exit filaments too. BUT do these exit filaments take you to another random place or back to where you entered?

Thank you! What I really need is more experience - still making silly or ignorant mistakes :slight_smile:

Love that :slight_smile: But I was just wondering about the ways to live permanently there

By the way, what is the best cheapest cargo to bait gankers?

It’s not like baiting fish. :wink:

Some gankers are very picky, others don’t care, others will just attack w/o checking your load first.

Probably the type of ship like a transport is more important than what it’s carrying.

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Not Abyssal.

Look in the market screen under Trade Goods->Filaments.
Not to go into a full tutorial about it, but:
Trig Space Inbound filaments take you to one of the 3 types of places in Pochven.
Trig Space Outbound filaments take you out of Pochven into Empire space lowsec, into a Trig “minor victory system”.
Trig Proximity filaments take you from the Trig lowsec system to a nearby hisec system.

There are many videos on Youtube showing how all this works.
I like this one: Get Your Exploration Loot Back to Empire Safely. How to Use The Pochven Express - YouTube

In my experience most of the time once you get into lowsec you can easily gate your way back to hisec so I rarely use the Proximity filaments.


Thank you for taking your time explaining this to me! EVE is so huge and there are so many options that a n00b learns something new at every step :open_mouth:


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