Null-sec and WH connections

Recently I started to look for WH connections as alternative way out of null-sec NPC space like ORE NPC space in Outer Ring. So, every WH in Outer Ring that I found was restricted to small ships only. Is it possible in NPC null-sec space to find WH that have medium or large ship restriction entry? Or only small WH entry is possible from this kinda a space?

Probably just bad luck, or hole residents rolled their holes to remove not useful connections and safety concerns.

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Ok, that’s good to know. I just didn’t want to end up searching for medium or large size WH exit if it doesn’t exist :sweat_smile:

i find plenty of larger whs in outer ring. But as said above, permanent inhabitants of a system prefer to roll them to increase safety

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SO with in most NS home systems you can find a 2-10 jita jump WH with in 2-15 jumps from your home NS system

the problem is if you find it, yes it can be with in 25 jumps or less, but you still have to scour the systems around your home system and that could be 10-30 sytems
it takes time, if you dedicate a toon to just scanning as you do your other tasks you will eventually find it.

I lived in NS for over a year and did this (as I was a WH’er first) I made billions running a viator to jita daily for billion of isk in mods in under an hour stealing all the $$$ from jump freighters that take days

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